Month 12 - day 13(addendum)

Sister?!?! Father?!?!

January 16, 2012 20:24

When no one could decide what to do after we had finished off the bone drinkers I felt a tug from my ring and decided to explore a bit. When I opened the door on the on the other side of the room a windwall exploded into existence and I knew the Lich was on the other side of the door. I drew my two-handed scimitar and moved in to kill the foul creature. As I approached the desk the Lich sat behind I failed to notice an etched symbol on the floor and stepped through it. This symbol released some type of magic that drained my life force, but I pressed on only to have to defend myself from several undead hobgoblin shock troops. I did not notice my companions entering the room behind me. All I remember is being dragged out of the room. Azrael used the power from his god to dispatch most of the undead as Petros, Icabod, and Zhu kept the Lich busy. I don’t remember much else from that brief battle. Just that Azrael managed to destroy the Lich’s corporeal form with a powerful prayer. We continued to search this structure and came upon a set of doors that led into a corrupted chapel. A group of hobgoblins led by an evil cleric resided here and brought the fight to us. Azrael Kept the Cleric busy while we dispatched the hobgoblins. As Zhu and John finished off the cleric there was a loud otherworldly scream as a section of wall was destroyed and a large ice demon stepped through.

Lilly and I pelted the beast with magic and arrows as most of our group was overcome with magical fear. I kept my distance as best I could but then the creature used one of it’s gifts to erect a wall of ice to pin me in against a wall. One of our magic users used a fire gift to cut a hole in the wall freeing me and I moved thru the opening created only to be chilled to the bone. I was now facing the demon alone in the room. I fired off several shots one striking true, but it was too little too late. The creature struck me in the chest with it’s barbed tail piercing me through the chest. The pain was excrutiating… then there was no pain… I was staring Troktori in the face… he was nodding his head and grinned with a gleam in his eye… then BLACKNESS…

I walked in an untamed wood and bent my knee to examine a fresh track of a large deer. The track told me my prey was close and was tiring. I would have my prize soon. On I walked towards the end of the hunt. I stepped to the edge of a clearing where the deer was drinking from a shallow stream. It lifted it’s head and turned towards me then it’s form shifted into that of my sister and she was holding here hand out to me, “Come back to me, Brother.” I stepped toward her and the world shifted and faded, she floated away… I followed… flying… faster…faster… back into darkness…

I open my eyes and take a hurried breath. I am alive and in full health. I sit up only to see my sister standing beside me. I am overtaken with emotion as I rise to my knees and wrap my arms around her slender form. “Forgive me for not saving you.” She tells me it was not my fault and how she had become a priest of the master of the hunt. How she was hoping to kill the hobgoblin cleric herself. Then she said she could not stay for long. And she faded.

A secret door opening in the back of the room interrupted our respite as a hooded figure stepped out. This person held up his hands and removed his hood, it was my father and he was obviously a vampire. I raised my bow and he said, son, Lucas, put your weapons away, I mean you no harm. Join me and we could rule this place. My only answer was an arrow directed at his head. He batted the arrow out of the air as if it was a thrown stick. He moved blindingly fast and proved to be near impossible to strike. The combat move into the side room where the ice demon had come from John read from one of his scrolls and pointed at my Father. A green beam struck him and he howled in pain. Just as that happened the ring I wore grew hot then exploded and all the energy released seemed to strike my father.

Time stood still…

The Vampire part of my father fell away from him in dust while his spirit was pulled from the ashes. My fathers pure spirit stood before as did my sister. My sister told me that she was sent to watch over me and now that I have redeemed my father her mission was complete and she must leave. My father asked for me to forgive him for his transgressions how he was tempted by the search for power and he sees the errors of his ways. I forgive you Father…

~Lucas, Son of Jason Parmentier, 8th Woodsman of the Inner flame of power



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