Month 18 - Day 17 / Day 18

After the fight was over the group investigated the large double doors and with some struggle managed to open them. A Darkened and empty entry hall greeted the Champions; Not what they expected. This hall was large enough to hold a small army, but when investigated the only other entry point was a small door on the back wall ninety feet in. “That’s odd,” said Lily almost to herself, “If you want to stage an army from this hall you would think you would want a larger door than that.” That was when Lucas noticed a seam running the length of the hall and well-hidden hinges at the base of the walls. Lucas mentioned that the whole floor of this hall is a pit trap and the group quickly moved out. John moved back into the room to investigate the door and that is when a voice on the other side of the door asks in Goblin to give the password. When the Password is not given there is an audible click followed by a hiss as a gas of some type fills the room. John starts to run to get out of the room, but the floor hinges open and falls away, but he was prepared for that and a few seconds later steps off the wall back with the group.

Lily states that she can get us all to the other side of the wall with one of her gifts. With but a light touch and a thought Lily transports the group to the other side of the wall. Lucas bursts into action as they are greeted with a couple of zombies and a Dust Wight. This creature being the most dangerous is what Lucas focuses on . He cartwheels to the opposite corner of the room and releases his deadly swarm on the creature. Four arrows strike true, but the creature though wounded still charges Lucas. Bird’s strike does a minor amount of damage, but she cannot resist the effect of the Dust Wight’s aura. It’s swing barley misses, however Lucas is not so lucky as he is enveloped in the Dust Wight’s aura. Petros and John each kill a Zombie and Lily touches Petros and Bird then transports them to be standing next to the Hobgoblin that was standing behind of a force wall. Lucas watches as Bird thrusts her rapier through the hobgoblin’s forehead killing it just as she turns to stone. He will be succumbing to the same fate in a few seconds, but not before he can destroy the Dust Wight and with his last breath he summersaults past the Wight’s defenses and fires off a shot turning the Dust Wight to dust. Now crouched in his last position stood the statue of Lucas.

With the foes in this room defeated the group begins to discuss options to revive Bird and Lucas. Suddenly there was a clap of thunder and Tagen the Bleak was standing there. “Looks like you might need some help here,” he states. Tagen undoes the flesh to stone effect on Lucas then dispels the force wall. He says I will undo the flesh to stone effect on that one if you promise that she will not try to kill me.” The group agrees to hold her back and he casts his spell. Bird complains that we should be killing him, but sees the logic that we would not be have been able to go on with out his help. Tagen then teleports away. The group finds a strange amulet on the hobgoblin that has two dials, a button and several pictures on it. John experiments with several combinations and finds one that allows him and anyone he is touching to pass through the green metal of the walls as if it were water.

The next room the group enters is a large room with chains hanging from the ceiling twenty feet up. There are four Chain Devils and Four Lemure mobs in this room and they begin to attack as soon as the group enters. Birdmoves to attach the closest Lemure Mob as Lucas flys up and shoots a Chain Devil. John manipulates the amulet again and turns yellow and the Lemures seem to ignore him. Lily blasts a Chain Devil and Petros is guarding. Lucas kills the first Chain Devil with his next shot as Bird is slowly whittling one of the Lemure mobs down to nothing. After a few more seconds the Chain Devils are dead and the Lemure mobs are ignoring the group as John explains what the amulet does. The Lemures meander back to their respective areas and the Champions activate the gears that lower them back into the pits they came from.

The Group continued on through the next wall into the adjacent room. This room held four large prison cells along two of the walls. These cells held scores of zombies. There was a large statue of Foster in the center of the room. Four armored figures flanked the statue and began casting when the group entered. Lucas managed to get a shot off before they finished casting their spells. One created a wall of pure evil while another spell hit Lucas and one of his arms shriveled up to a dry stump. Lily, or was it Bird, mentioned that the spell on Lucas could be removed with a dispel magic gift so Petros readied that gift and waited for Lucas to come to him. This fight was very difficult and almost cost the group the life of John Rosi. (OOC: not sure if I am remembering this right) In the end however the Champions were victorious. As they began destroying the zombies in the cells there was one cell that held only a lone gnome, it was the man who guarded the portal that led to the Sea of Dreams. After a lengthy discussion… (OOC: I Cant fully remember the scene) … it was decided the group would rest to recover and continue on after that.

The next two room searched uncovered a round dais in each. Somehow John knew that one would Teleport all who stood on the dais up and the other room was to go down. The group decided to go up…

This room was circular and was roughly sixty foot across. Standing, well more like floating, in the middle of the room was Nahmbrack. Bird immediately sprung into action followed closely by Lucas. Bird struck and as she Nahmbrack look deathly afraid as all of his previously cast defenses fell away from him as if she had popped a bubble. Lucas took a tentative shot with his bow only to have the arrow whisked away before hitting his target. He shouldered the bow and drew his Scimitar. Attack after attack struck or missed and the champions were taking their share of damage as well, but in one last swing of his sword Lucas killed Nahmbrack. The champions were about to rejoice when the body of Nahmbrack exploded with an evil energy damaging everyone who was with in 30 feet of him. Both John and Petros fell to their wounds. Nahmbrack stood fully healed and laughed at the champions. The Battle resumed and this time the Champions were in dire straights, but with a few lucky hits the champions managed to wound him to the point he had to flee by teleporting away.
The group revives it wounded and readies for the next round of combat. After a few minutes sharp eyed Lucas spots the shimmering form of Nahmbrack who has returned invisible. Lucas charges and the battle continues. This time however Nahmbrack is fully recharged with spells and is considerably harder to wound. Most of Lucas’ attacks are deflected by his magical protections. Nahmbrack casts a wall of evil to attempt to split the group up. With a few more spells cast John is down again as is Petros. Lily brings up a protective ectoplasmic barrier around herself, Petros and Bird. As this is happening Lucas is giving his last healing potion to John, but for some reason John is not revived; he is bluffing. Lucas flies up and continues the attack on Nahmbrack as Tagen appears and asks how he can help the group. Nahmbrack spits a curse at him and Lucas tells him to remove his magical protections. Tagen says, “Lucas, Back up!” and cast a powerful spell, Mordincanans Disjunction which cancels all of the spells in a certain area. Nahmbrack falls to the floor and Lucas draws his bow and takes aim. “I SEEK TRIAL BY SINGLE COMBAT VERSES LUCAS!” Nahmbrack shouts as he lowers his weapon. “I Accept!” Lucas replies, “ready yourself.”

Lucas Takes the first shot and wounds Nahmbrack badly. Nahmbrack brings up a windwall to block any more arrows. “Lucas, you will fight me face to face!” Lucas drops his bow to Bird and draws the Long sword that Petros had thrown him previously and charges. Nahmbrack turns his head to Lily and says, “Knowledge of your parents dies with me…” as Lucas strikes his head from his body.
Tagen asks about friendship and what it means, but still does not get it.



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