Month 2 day 26. Shopping for Trouble.

The group speaks with a local alchemist in Stumpflat looking for magical potions. The alchemist directs them to see lady Denman. On the outskirts of town they are able to meet her and her half-orc son. Eventualy they make good realtions and buy a few potions. Afterwards the good to the blue diamond in search of Kelsey the Bard. She joins the group as she is a very capable bard,

With snow on the ground the group then takes it’s leave of Stumpflat and decides to go to Freeport. They gather the money they made form the sale of the golem they found in Tagen’s realm. They then decide to equip Lily with more magic items balance the group. They once again stay at Kennick’s in Freeport and enjoy the luxury.

Afterwards, they head towards Krokarr and stay at the White Unicorn. While shopping in town they encounter Cadak Hardivast, a minor noble of halfling clan Hardivast. He invites them to dinner. At dinner Petros relives the story of how he obtained Deathbreaker, his new sword. On their way back to their rooms, they see Elliad Kedrell going to speak with house Dankil. Bailey meets them back at the Inn and informs them that their contact for the Golden Knights is Garn of Garn’s forge. They decide to rest and meet him the next day. The next day they speak with Garn and gather information about the Vanguard of Chromosh that has the Grail of Shangralar. They decide to handle the mission with the Manor house. They go back to the Inn and are attacked by an assasin that gets away. Lily has a near death experience and has a dream revealing that Petros and Talen are the sons of Loki. The group leaves the Inn and discusses this. Aramil shows up and learns this information as well. Bailey the Bard believes this is too much and wants to leave the group. Aramel erases her memory.



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