Month 3 Day 1: On the Verge of Greatness

It was not long after the group had said their goodbyes to both Kelsey and Aramil that a snow storm had appeared. A chuckle could be heard right before an iron golem of about 6’11" appeared brandishing a large steel shield and a flail. He appeared to be attacking the snow storm. After several minutes of tactfull diplomacy the group was able to ascertain that it was not an iron golem but some sort of intellgent creation with a soul and everything. It called itself Krom and it was a warforged. It become abundantly apparent that it believed in the direct approach to everything.

The group made it’s way to Hasken’s manor to dispatch of the hobgoblins there only to meet a female barbarian named Genna. Genna was actualy a hag monster in magical disguise. It lured the group to the balcony and attempted to throw Krom over the edge. Unfortunately he was VERY heavy. She then shouts “Kill Them!” The grey elf wizard Izzual in the other room was in big trouble as two ogres appeared and did some early damage to him. Luckily Lucas and his flesh golem were not too far away. Lucas made an aerial shot jumping off the shoulder of the flesh golem that killed one of the two ogres with one shot.

On the balcony oustide, Petros made swift work of the hag by channeling electrical energy through his long sword and sacrificed accuracy for strength and it paid off as he almost took the monster’s leg clean off.

A loud thump from below was heard by everyone in the group. The group began moving cautiously throughout the manor. Petros beheaded the hag before joining with the group. Down in the basement they found a reptilian monster like the one they had fought outside of Pedestal. It was down but not dead. Lucas and Izzual found a small passage that lead to another chamber that was empty except for three more bodies and a black treasure chest. Izzual said it radiated with some unknown magic. When Lucas picked it up, a large silver being appeared and began attacking him. Krom rushed into the room but pushed Izzual into the room in the process. Petros quickly followed. Lily explained to the group that they were fighting an astral construct which is done through psionics. The battle was not going well at all and the group was retreating but then the battle turned and Petros and Krom felled the creature. Krom ripped open the chest to find magic items.

The group revived the Reptile-man and his name was Kadre. He was seeking manacles of freedom to free his people. The group gave him the manacles but could not help him fight the evil neogi that are enslaving his tribe. He says that one day he will repay the favor.

The group rests for about three days at the manor and then heads north into the mountains.

In the mountains, the winter wind creates problems. Lucas’ knowledge of travelling probably saves the lives of the group. Near dusk the group encounters an ettin. The battles is almost over before it begins as Lucas rains arrows down on the giant. He let’s the party know that this region of the mountain has terrible monsters. The group travels for a few more hours and then beds down for the night.

Near the morning, the group awakes to the sound of battle as they find Krom attacking the flesh golem. Izzual steps out of his tent and his mind is almost completely taken over. Then a ball of hellish unholy energy damages the whole group. Finaly, Lily sees the creature and recognizes it as a Cerebrilith Demon. Which is a psionic demon. The demon blasts the group a second time and things are beginning to look grim. Lucas desperately pulls out the ring of Troktori and puts it on asking for Troktori’s help. His bow magicaly transforms into an oathbow. With two amazing shots in a row, he fells the demon. Not even a few seconds later, a dark shadow from the sky brings fear to the party. A adult red dragon appears.

Turns out the red dragon is a good guy who was a friend of the lost lords of light. The group travels to his lair near Mist Falls and stays with the dragon and learns a lot.



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