John Rossi

When a man never seems like the same person twice, is he just one person?


John Rossi

Neutral Good
Short Brown Hair
Hazel Green Eyes
Medium Tan Skin
Right Handed

Rouge 5th, Chameleon 8th


Str 13 + 1 . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dex 17 + 3
Con 14 + 2
Int 21 + 5
Wis 15 + 2
Cha 17 + 3

(Str) 15 With Gauntlets
(Wis) 21 With Periapt
(Cha) 19 With Cloak

Can boost any one ability score by 4 for 24 hours with the Ability Boon Class Feature.

HP 95

AC 22, Flat Footed 19, Touch 13

Initiative 3

For 5
Ref 9
Wil 8

Focus Save Modifiers

  1. Arcane +4 Will
  2. Combat +4 Fortitude
  3. Divine +4 Fortitude and +4 Will
  4. Stealth +4 Reflex
  5. Wild +4 Fortitude

Base Attack
Melee 11
Touch 12
Ranged 12
Grapple 11


  1. Cold Iron Rapier + 1 (12/7) 1d6 + 3 Crit 18-20×2 Melee Piercing Med
  2. Alchemical Silver Rapier (11/6) 1d6 + 2 Crit 18-20×2 Melee Piercing Med
  3. Battle Axe + 1 (12/7) 1d8 + 3 Crit x3 Melee Slashing Med
  4. (+ 4 Str)Composite Short Bow (12/7) 1d6 18 + 4 Crit x3 70ft Piercing Med
  5. Heavy Mace (11/6) 1d8 + 3 Crit x2 Melee Bludgeoning Med
  6. Great Sword + 1 (12/7) 2d6 + 4 Crit 19-20×2 Melee Slashing Med
(Proficiencies) (Feats) (Skill Tricks)
Simple Weapon Proficiency Jack Of All Trades Assume Quirk
Hand Crossbow Able Learner Group Fake-Out
Rapier Trap Finding Second Impression
Short Bow Skill Focus (Bluff) Social Recovery
Short Sword Persuasive Timely Misdirection
Light Armor Proficiency Negotiator
Medium Armor Proficiency Combat Expertise
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency (Except Tower Shields)
(Focus) Proficiencies (Bonus) Feat Interchangeable Daily


Appraise 7 Autohypnosis 5 Balance 3 Bluff 25
Climb 4 Concentration 3 Craft Armorsmith 10 Craft Weaponsmith 10
Decipher Script 8 Diplomacy 22 Disable Device 10 Disguise 32
Escape Artist 4 Forgery 12 Gather Information 20 Handle Animal 4
Heal 7 Hide 8 Intimidate 6 Jump 2
Arcana 19 Architecture & Engineering 7 Dungeoneering 7 Geography 7
History 7 Local 23 Nature 7 Nobility & Royalty 7
Religion 16 The Planes 7
Listen 10 Move Silently 8 Open Locks 5 Preform ( Dancing) 5
Profession (Merchant) 6 Psi Craft 7 Ride 3 Search 12
Sense Motive 22 Slight of Hand 4 Spell Craft 19 Spot 10
Stabilize Self 2 Survival 5 Swim 2 Tumble 4
Use Magic Device 22 Use Psionic Device 4 Use Rope 3

Special Abilities
Trap Finding
Sneak Attack + 3d6
Trap Sense + 1
Aptitude Focus 2/Day
Mimic Class Feature 2/Day

  1. Rage (EX) + 4 Str & Con, + 2 Moral Bonus on Will Saves (Duration): 1 Round + Newly Improved Con Modifier
  2. Evasion (Duration) 1 Minute
  3. Smite (EX) Add Cha Modifier to hit, and extra damage is equal to class level.
  4. Sneak Attack (EX) Deal and extra 1d6 per 3 class levels.
  5. Turn or Rebuke Undead (SU) Cleric level equals class level.
    Ability Boon + 4
    Double Aptitude
    Rapid Refocus

Born to parents unknown to me, I began life in Oan’s Orphanage in Jewelford, twenty two years ago with a scroll of fine silk paper pinned to my wool and down blanket. This is the only clue that my parents ever really existed to me, a note left on the paper saying “We are sorry my son, you had to be left here without anyone knowing you are ours to protect you from the fate of our family.” and “Good bye our precious little lord you will be in our hearts forever.” This message has been burning my mind since I had a coherent thought of who were my real mother and father. At this time I was at the total mercy of this woman known only to me as Oan. My first real memory of her was being really hungry and crying and spanked me and yelling at me. This was at a time I didn’t understand spoken words yet.

For the first few years in the orphanage life was a constant day in day out routine of the older children getting us up and dressed and having us sit in the floor by our beds . This is the first thing about organization and control I remember about my life. The nurses and workers all brought our meals and clothing for the day to us making sure we were clean and tidy, for the people who came in all the time. This seemed like it happened all the time and some times one of the ladies would come down and talk to me in a high pitched voice and pinch my cheeks. Why do they do this I wondered. Also parading us around town having us meet people that might adopt any of us. As the years past the chance for adoption became less likely and I began to become like the other older children, a unwanted financial burden on the owner Mrs. Oan. I did help out how I was asked but slowly started seeing that myself and the other children were being used like slaves. I started acting out by dressing up in random orphans clothing picking up on how the would talk and walk, and began to try and mimic them, just being like the unwanted little boy I thought I had become.

A few years went by now I was ten and had become the oldest in the home and still constantly defying Mrs. Oan she finally decided that I needed to be punished for my behavior. She would first try to lock me in my room but the locks were so easy to get out of, then a more harsh punishment being tied down to my bed, this again wasn’t to terribly difficult to get out of. This began to make me angry and want to get back at this horrible woman, but what could I really do I was ten and had no place else to go. I began to lift small things from place to place never trying anything out in the open, but always lurking behind the shadows in wait for an easy grab. While playing outside with the older children I noticed a few guys watching us in the yard as we played around. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I approached the men and asked them why they were watching us and was given the answer we are just looking for a new boy to work for us occasionally and by the way my name is Grant. “Doing what”? I asked, with a interested look on my face. The Grant said “just taking stuff from one place to another nothing to hard and we pay you a copper for every two trips”.

The first day I went to work for the men I had met I was told to meet them at stables on the edge of town. I arrived on time and the guy there asked if I had been sent here by Grant, I responded “yes sir”.
I was handed a satchel and told to take this to the Golden Ale Tavern, and away I went. On the way there I did notice a few people seemed like they were watching me a bit more closely than normal but I just kept my head up and pretended not to notice. This Job of mine was sporadic at best but it was a way for me to make and hide some coin for myself. So as to buy the occasional treat or keep saving it for clothing or even a knife or dagger. I would need this to be able to defend myself from bigger bullies or the small rodents that like to attack you when you get to close to some of the crawl spaces in town that are good to hide in. Over the next two years I did “errands” and carried packages to many locations within town and never once wanted to know what they were.

The last time I ever acted as a delivery boy the delivery went bad on the receiving end, the package was to be delivered to the visiting lady in the evening at her room. This noble lady had been in town for several days by the time I was bringing his delivery to him. I don’t know what her first name or even her title but I knew she was from The Entrighans house. So this is how the work stopped and I never saw any of the group of guys again. The Lady opened her door as I announced my arrival and presented the package she then handed me a small token of thanks in the form of a small diamond pendant. She then closed the door. A few moments later as I was exiting the the shrill sound of her screaming for her guards. This put me on alert and soon the guards caught me walking down the street. They ran up and asked me if I would return with them ,the Lady Entrighan had a few questions for me. Needless to say I really had no choice but the were being courteous in public and didn’t want to look as if they were going to harm a child.

After several hours of listening to the Lady and her guards talking in the other room she came into the room looking very frazzled and asked me one question. “Where did I get this package?” She asked. I answered where I had received it and asked “Why?”. She simply said that the hand of her lover was in the package. Tears running down her face as she wept quietly, she then snapped her gaze up to me and demanded and that I should take her and her guards there. I fell to my knees and begged for forgiveness and informed her that the orphanage was my home and I didn’t want to be in anymore trouble. She demanded I take them there and then I could go free. Without a moments notice I led them to the place. Then I ran like there was no tomorrow back home to the orphanage listening in the background to loud fighting and then a tremendous explosion. City guards began running to that sound from everywhere and I escaped back to my room and hid for several days.

After that ordeal it was back to pilfering small items and no longer getting into public view. I decided to just basically dissapear for the time being and only sneak out of the orphanage at night. I could hide more easily at night and wait around for the extreamly drunk gentlemen and off duty merchants of the town to be my targets. Still I pilfered small things and some coin but never struck a rich bag. Slowly though I became a bit more bold and would wait till the shop owners would lock up. Then I could find ways into there shops and try to leave with items I wanted or I thought could be sold to others at a small price.One of the strangest things I had ever stolen was books from a local scribes library, but only long enough to read them and learn. I then would replaced them because they weren’t worth any coin but they were worth the reading and the education.

Over the next four years I had actually gotten a job in town at a armory to help pay for my burden on Mrs. Oan. As well I had also stolen and returned every book in this wonderful library in town, and had really became a very diverse young man. I began to learn several of the common races languages and eventually started teaching some of the other orphans to pass my time.Along with the other languages I also instructed other orphans in the arts of making yourself look a bit different and how to dance at the ballroom if any of us were to ever actually see one. The years seemed to almost be standing still to me and with all of the friends I had made with the other children. Teaching and also playing after all I was still very young but always seemed like I just didn’t belong with them. I was now turning sixteen and becoming a young man no longer a boy or child as they say. I began to work more to make just a tiny bit of coin that I could hide and use for myself.

Then the unimaginable happened one night I had awoken late in the night to the light smell of burning wood and various materials. I crept out of my bed and noticed that my door had been locked from the hallway and there was smoke filtering in the top of my door. I hurriedly grabbed my possessions and began to pick the lock so I could escape whatever this was. Opening the door I looked right at Mrs. Oan locking another child’s room and hurrying down the hall, I stepped back for a moment and let her go. Then ran down the hall stopping at each door and unlocking them as fast as I could manage.

By this time the flames down the hall were beginning pouring into the hall and children were screaming because the smoke was getting thick and beginning to choke us all. I did manage to get all the children out from my floor of the building but ran out of air and time to go upstairs and help those poor children. I lead them out to the back streets where I left the oldest to take them to the guards and explain how they had seen Mrs. Oan lighting the fires and locking the doors of all the children’s rooms.

Walking away from this made me realize I was alone and on my own to attempt to go forth and make my way in the world, everyday looking for some minor clue as to whom I am. Traveling along with others between towns and cities I came to settle in Freeport for a few years at the age of sixteen, I had been living off the slow witted and drunk pilfering my meals and the occasional item of value. Occasionally grabbing a set of armor or weapon from the drunken adventurers and attempting to wield any and all of them. This was my life as a young thief I had made it this far by myself, it was time to start getting ahead by being a bit more grand in my thefts and actions.

After being in Freeport for several months I began to come to know several of the local shop owners and their families. Going to churches begging for a place to stay for the nights it was cold or raining. Doing all these things while practicing these wonderful deceptive skills of lying or how to be proper to ones face. It all seemed like it was to easy just to become what these pathetic people wanted to think I was. One evening there was a late shipment of goods delivered to one of the local churches, the church of whisper now I know that they practice some deceit and strange things behind closed doors. But I had played these people for a while and knew there schedules well so I figured I would sneak in and grab a few items to sell and live off of for a while. Such a bad idea now that I know more of this church.

My world changed when I was set up and caught by (The Cleric of Whisper) he took me into his chambers and gave me an ultimatum that either he turn me into the authorities and be hung in the center of town or he would take me to a place where if I wanted to live the way I was they could make me the best at blending in and taking up any identity I could imagine and teach me even more of the skills and tricks of the trade. I hated to be locked up anymore I had pretty much been locked up my whole life, but the thought of having my neck crushed and be killed in front of hundreds of people, just wasn’t anything I could bare to think about. The obvious question I asked is why would you help me and he said in time I would repay him with any favor of his choosing whenever he sees fit for me to accommodate him. I accepted without a second thought. And off to the mansion I went.

The Manor …. Wonder why its called that?

My Given Name is John Rossi and this is my story.

John Rossi

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