Day 2-4 Finishing the dungeon/Lukrimar Keep

The heroes took chase after the goblin cleric and came to a large set of double doors. Lily opened the doors and was struck by arrows. With a snarl Grella charged towards the three goblins that were positioned behind tables as the rest of the party exploded into action. Petros Plarney and Zhura Zhukasti quickly followed behind her. Two large goblinoid creatures waited behind the double doors and attacked grella. The battle was a back and forth battle and the tide turned when grella felled one of the large goblinoids. As the rest of the party mopped up the dying, Kiteera Semakiir began opening the footlockers and looting what treasure she could find. The party also found a new party member tied up. His name was Lucas Parmentier and he was a ranger of the 9th outer flame of power. Another inbued character. The party then realized they were in a raised room and beyond was a series of glowing sigils that had trapped a beast that Lily identified as a howler. This was confusing because the barrier stops extra planar creatures, so they concluded that this must have been summoned before the barrier. The howler was trapped in the glyphs on the floor and was easily dispatched. Beyond that they discovered a 10 foot tall blue rock man dressed in plate mail armor walking around 5 circular glyphs on the floor. Lily identified him as a marut. Lily seems to be well versed on creatures from another plane. A rare knowledge indeed. Beyond that Grella met her death at the hands of a giant zombie before the arrows of Lucas helped fell the beast. The party then had a funeral pyre for Grella. After camping they headed south back towards Dondurran and decided to rest at Lukrimar Keep. By greasing a few palms with coins they found a healthy place to rest. Zhura Zhukasti found a new acolyte in Brennel. Kiteera Semakiir sold some items to a local noble halfling by the name of Cadak Hardivast. After that they decided to continue on to Donduran….....................

Taken from Petros' Journal

After the ambush, we were all a bit more wary. We were able to sneak up on a pair of hobgoblins as we explored the western passage. I shot one with my bow – a good hit – , and Lily finished it with that eldrich bolt of hers. I got another good hit on the second beast, and this time Kiteera dropped it with a shot to the neck from her little hand crossbow. Kiteera is running low on ammunition for her crossbow, so I’ll probably be protecting her more often now. We continued down the west passage, and came upon some sort of fissure in the ground. The smell of danger frightened the gifted and some of the others, so we turned back to the east. Down the east passage from the center room, we came across some sort of gigantic lizard that seemed ready to attack us, but pulled up short because of some kind of mushroom in the bud that was spattered about the room, and especially in front of the entrance. The barbarian had brought a table from the other room – as a shield of all things – and was able to lay it across the mud so we could cross. Lily used some sort of power on the lizard to keep it from attacking, and we moved to a door on the other side of the room. I could hear something on the other side of the door, but I could tell that it was pretty far away. Kiteera opened the door, but down the passage there was some kind of large dog with a goblin nearby, and it alerted the goblin to our presence. There was nothing to do but attack and get out of this narrow corridor where magic could wreak havoc. The fight was easier than I had expected, some of which was the goblin’s inability to get that dog to attack. After the short fight, we settled in for a meal. While we ate, we were able to talk a bit more about ourselves. It is clear that we all have much to hide, but we also seem to have common intentions. We decided that we would all defend each other, and each other’s… After the meal we continued on, this time to the north. We quickly came across a small room with deep mud filling the floor area. Most of us didn’t have any trouble crossing, but Zhura and I both wound up covered in mud. There was a passage on the other side of the mud hole, and we could hear chanting coming from the other end. The chanting was to an evil god of goblins, and after an undead was spotted, we knew that we were facing an evil goblin cleric. After we prepared, the fight was swift. The skeletons – of which there were three – were dispatched quickly, but the cleric turned invisible, and ran off calling for reinforcements. We braced for the charge in the narrow corridor, and when zombies rushed in, we were ready. Zhura dispatched them with her holy faith, but the goblin cleric was getting away.


Map I know it’s a little vague, but wait till you see the 3-D.

Day 1
Nice to Meet You, Let's Kill Together

The group has culminated through unexpected circumstances—A caravan from Freeport to Dondurran carrying two members of the party was attacked, and the five barrels containing expensive spices were lifted from it by several dozen goblins. The two members travelling with the caravan, Zhura Zhukasti, a cleric, and Petros Plarney, an assumed fighter met again at the The half fullHalf empty Inn (or Half Empty depending on what time you arrive at the tavern) and met Iselyn Hannover, the intended recipient of the spices and owner of the tavern. Petros and Zhuara attempted to initiate a group to recollect the stolen goods, and in the process stumbled upon a Gifted-one of the talent-born celebrities of the world. The Gifted was Kiteera, a graceful woman with some surprising talents. Kiteera’s traveling companion was Grella-a half-orc fighter with an interesting cadence for speech, but great power. Also at the table was an Imbued—Lily, who carried herself with an air of mystery, and a certain degree of silence. After Kiteera negotiated with Iselyn, they agreed to retrieve the spices for a sum of 500 gold. The newly formed party, barely cognizant of each others’ names, took to bed to rest for their journey together the following day. The group rose early to set out towards the woods where the goblins retreated with the spices. The elf Kiteera luckily spotted their secret entrance, and the cautious trip below the ground commenced. After destroying the first three guards (and interviewing one particularly aroused goblin), the five cautiously moved into the next room—a room with several exits. An ambush lay in wait, but the three goblins were similarly executed. And here is where the adventure pauses, for what lies in wait down the two passages…?


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