Month 18 - Day 17 / Day 18

After the fight was over the group investigated the large double doors and with some struggle managed to open them. A Darkened and empty entry hall greeted the Champions; Not what they expected. This hall was large enough to hold a small army, but when investigated the only other entry point was a small door on the back wall ninety feet in. “That’s odd,” said Lily almost to herself, “If you want to stage an army from this hall you would think you would want a larger door than that.” That was when Lucas noticed a seam running the length of the hall and well-hidden hinges at the base of the walls. Lucas mentioned that the whole floor of this hall is a pit trap and the group quickly moved out. John moved back into the room to investigate the door and that is when a voice on the other side of the door asks in Goblin to give the password. When the Password is not given there is an audible click followed by a hiss as a gas of some type fills the room. John starts to run to get out of the room, but the floor hinges open and falls away, but he was prepared for that and a few seconds later steps off the wall back with the group.

Lily states that she can get us all to the other side of the wall with one of her gifts. With but a light touch and a thought Lily transports the group to the other side of the wall. Lucas bursts into action as they are greeted with a couple of zombies and a Dust Wight. This creature being the most dangerous is what Lucas focuses on . He cartwheels to the opposite corner of the room and releases his deadly swarm on the creature. Four arrows strike true, but the creature though wounded still charges Lucas. Bird’s strike does a minor amount of damage, but she cannot resist the effect of the Dust Wight’s aura. It’s swing barley misses, however Lucas is not so lucky as he is enveloped in the Dust Wight’s aura. Petros and John each kill a Zombie and Lily touches Petros and Bird then transports them to be standing next to the Hobgoblin that was standing behind of a force wall. Lucas watches as Bird thrusts her rapier through the hobgoblin’s forehead killing it just as she turns to stone. He will be succumbing to the same fate in a few seconds, but not before he can destroy the Dust Wight and with his last breath he summersaults past the Wight’s defenses and fires off a shot turning the Dust Wight to dust. Now crouched in his last position stood the statue of Lucas.

With the foes in this room defeated the group begins to discuss options to revive Bird and Lucas. Suddenly there was a clap of thunder and Tagen the Bleak was standing there. “Looks like you might need some help here,” he states. Tagen undoes the flesh to stone effect on Lucas then dispels the force wall. He says I will undo the flesh to stone effect on that one if you promise that she will not try to kill me.” The group agrees to hold her back and he casts his spell. Bird complains that we should be killing him, but sees the logic that we would not be have been able to go on with out his help. Tagen then teleports away. The group finds a strange amulet on the hobgoblin that has two dials, a button and several pictures on it. John experiments with several combinations and finds one that allows him and anyone he is touching to pass through the green metal of the walls as if it were water.

The next room the group enters is a large room with chains hanging from the ceiling twenty feet up. There are four Chain Devils and Four Lemure mobs in this room and they begin to attack as soon as the group enters. Birdmoves to attach the closest Lemure Mob as Lucas flys up and shoots a Chain Devil. John manipulates the amulet again and turns yellow and the Lemures seem to ignore him. Lily blasts a Chain Devil and Petros is guarding. Lucas kills the first Chain Devil with his next shot as Bird is slowly whittling one of the Lemure mobs down to nothing. After a few more seconds the Chain Devils are dead and the Lemure mobs are ignoring the group as John explains what the amulet does. The Lemures meander back to their respective areas and the Champions activate the gears that lower them back into the pits they came from.

The Group continued on through the next wall into the adjacent room. This room held four large prison cells along two of the walls. These cells held scores of zombies. There was a large statue of Foster in the center of the room. Four armored figures flanked the statue and began casting when the group entered. Lucas managed to get a shot off before they finished casting their spells. One created a wall of pure evil while another spell hit Lucas and one of his arms shriveled up to a dry stump. Lily, or was it Bird, mentioned that the spell on Lucas could be removed with a dispel magic gift so Petros readied that gift and waited for Lucas to come to him. This fight was very difficult and almost cost the group the life of John Rosi. (OOC: not sure if I am remembering this right) In the end however the Champions were victorious. As they began destroying the zombies in the cells there was one cell that held only a lone gnome, it was the man who guarded the portal that led to the Sea of Dreams. After a lengthy discussion… (OOC: I Cant fully remember the scene) … it was decided the group would rest to recover and continue on after that.

The next two room searched uncovered a round dais in each. Somehow John knew that one would Teleport all who stood on the dais up and the other room was to go down. The group decided to go up…

This room was circular and was roughly sixty foot across. Standing, well more like floating, in the middle of the room was Nahmbrack. Bird immediately sprung into action followed closely by Lucas. Bird struck and as she Nahmbrack look deathly afraid as all of his previously cast defenses fell away from him as if she had popped a bubble. Lucas took a tentative shot with his bow only to have the arrow whisked away before hitting his target. He shouldered the bow and drew his Scimitar. Attack after attack struck or missed and the champions were taking their share of damage as well, but in one last swing of his sword Lucas killed Nahmbrack. The champions were about to rejoice when the body of Nahmbrack exploded with an evil energy damaging everyone who was with in 30 feet of him. Both John and Petros fell to their wounds. Nahmbrack stood fully healed and laughed at the champions. The Battle resumed and this time the Champions were in dire straights, but with a few lucky hits the champions managed to wound him to the point he had to flee by teleporting away.
The group revives it wounded and readies for the next round of combat. After a few minutes sharp eyed Lucas spots the shimmering form of Nahmbrack who has returned invisible. Lucas charges and the battle continues. This time however Nahmbrack is fully recharged with spells and is considerably harder to wound. Most of Lucas’ attacks are deflected by his magical protections. Nahmbrack casts a wall of evil to attempt to split the group up. With a few more spells cast John is down again as is Petros. Lily brings up a protective ectoplasmic barrier around herself, Petros and Bird. As this is happening Lucas is giving his last healing potion to John, but for some reason John is not revived; he is bluffing. Lucas flies up and continues the attack on Nahmbrack as Tagen appears and asks how he can help the group. Nahmbrack spits a curse at him and Lucas tells him to remove his magical protections. Tagen says, “Lucas, Back up!” and cast a powerful spell, Mordincanans Disjunction which cancels all of the spells in a certain area. Nahmbrack falls to the floor and Lucas draws his bow and takes aim. “I SEEK TRIAL BY SINGLE COMBAT VERSES LUCAS!” Nahmbrack shouts as he lowers his weapon. “I Accept!” Lucas replies, “ready yourself.”

Lucas Takes the first shot and wounds Nahmbrack badly. Nahmbrack brings up a windwall to block any more arrows. “Lucas, you will fight me face to face!” Lucas drops his bow to Bird and draws the Long sword that Petros had thrown him previously and charges. Nahmbrack turns his head to Lily and says, “Knowledge of your parents dies with me…” as Lucas strikes his head from his body.
Tagen asks about friendship and what it means, but still does not get it.

Month 18 - Day 17

Lucas opens the door and is assaulted with the smells and sounds of a popular tavern. He glances around the room before stepping in and spots his quarry, John Rossi, sitting at a large table in the back corner of the room. He moves deliberately to the table leaving the door to swing slightly on its hinges from the gentle breeze blowing in from the north. As he sits at the table with his back to a wall he is greeted by a serving girl who places a mug of ale and trencher piled with bread and a thick stew of meat and vegetables.

Slowly the rest of the Champions filled the empty chairs at the table. The serving girl seemed to already know what everyone wanted to drink and eat. After eating their fill the group discussed what each member had been up to for the last six months. Lily had become the leader of house Surrinak. Petros had become the general for the Golden Knights. John… Azrael… Lucas whispered, “I have been outside the veil.” In that split second it seemed all time stopped as the Champions of the Oak all turned toward Lucas. “You did what?” Someone asked. Then Petros mentioned that we might want to speak in a more private location. John assured us that this area was secure and private. We all looked around the room and began to notice that nearly everyone in the room was watching out for us; they were working for John.

“Lucas, how did you get through the Veil?” Lily exclaimed. Lucas explained that after killing the Lich he had found some notes that detailed a possible hole in the Veil near a place called Rainbow Falls in the Headwater Hills. He goes on to describe some of the twisted creatures he saw there and his treacherous one thousand foot climb. The river was fairly wide and deep and he described a whirlpool that had formed in the close to the middle. “It felt like I was drawn to this place and I felt an urge to enter the Whirlpool,” Lucas continues.

“After drinking a Potion that allowed me to breath water, I swam to the Whirlpool and let it pull me under the surface to the ‘Other Side’,” Lucas closed his eyes and began to shake as if chilled to the bone. “On the other side there was no sun or moon, just perpetual twilight. There were creatures there that looked to be the creation of some twisted mind. One looked to be two upper torsos of a humanoid fused together with a head on either ‘shoulder’ and walked on four hands. I killed everything I came across. The animals there were just as twisted as the other abominations, but were still close enough to normal that I could tell a deer from a wolf. My survival skills were tested to their limits in this place and I do not ever want to go back there. There is an evil there that I had to fight, it took the form of each and everyone I know and is or was close to me. It fought me with your skill Petros and your magic Lily and your cunning John. I just managed to slay it before it could kill me and I almost failed.”

“Lucas, wait, you went through the Veil and you had the Shards with you?” Lily pointed out. Lucas was unsure what the significance of that was, but he answered with a “yes”. At that time a messenger entered the tavern looking very nervous and approached the Champions. “Please do not kill me,” he said with a shaky voice, “I bear a message from Tagen.” Tagen wished to meet with the Champions of the Oak to talk about a sort of truce. After the messenger left we agreed to discuss it in the morning and John stated that he had commissioned a play for the Champions to watch. Lucas was not interested in a play and headed out of town to sleep in the camp he had set up for Bird and himself. Bird meets him excitedly with a couple of fish she had freshly caught. With a smile Lucas prepared and cooked the fish for dinner and they spent the night in the comfort of the out doors.
In the morning before the sun rose Lucas told Bird that there was some other things that had to be discussed with the Champions before he could bring her into the group and he would be back this evening. He made his way back to the tavern to wait for the group to assemble. He was not the first to get there, John meet him at the door with a sly grin and a quip about having a distraction or something. Lucas just smiled at him. Soon the rest of the group filled the same table and were discussing Tagen and what he wanted. The Champions came to the decision they would at least meet Tagen. His terms were that he would have sanctuary while he was here. Terms that could not be fully fulfilled, but the Champions did not know that at the time.

In the early evening when there was a loud crack of what sounded like thunder close to the tavern. The Champions sprang into action expecting Tagen to not hold to his bargain. Tagan was walking down the middle of the street causing a panic in the city. Lucas watched as a group of city guard charged in and were all lifted off the ground, disrobed and then dropped into the river by the magic Tagen controlled. After Discussing with Tagen many different points of morality it was decided that there must be some type of truce so that the enemy at hand, Loki, could be dealt with.

About that time the doors to the tavern flew open and a group of Luminous order barged in demanding that Tagen come with them. Of course Tagen did not like this and proceeded to use his magic to protect himself and ultimately to leave unharmed. Then the Order turned on the Champions and demanded that John and Lucas disarm themselves and submit to their custody. Lucas thought, “why just John and I?” and bounded upstairs determined not to be apprehended. He would not be caged he dove out of a second story window and disappeared into the night. He would be back to help his friends, but he could not do that while being held captive.

Lily found Lucas with her magic later that night and explained that as a noble she had some sway in local government, but we had to leave Freeport. That was fine by Lucas. He gave directions to Bird who to find where they were and he told her to follow him in a few hours. He headed back into town with as much stealth as he could muster. After making it back to the Tavern the Champions decided that they needed to attack Nahmbrak. Shortly after the decision was made, Bird walked into the tavern. Lucas introduced her to everyone and informed them that he would like to have her join the Champions. He explained that she was instrumental in killing the Lich and would be an asset to the group. With that The Champions set off to confront Nahmbrak.

As the Teleport spell finishes the group is looking over a vast field littered with strange humanoid figures “growing” out of the ground. There is an army of giants and other assorted creatures barring the path to the hobgoblins fortress. As the group surveyed the area a rift began to open next to them and out stepped a large elf. He turned to the group and said he would take care of the army and took off at a blinding rate of speed. As he ran two shimmering blades appeared in his hands and he began to cut wide paths through the army.

The Champions moved in on the Fortress and was accosted by a number of devils and Zombies. Azrael, with the power of his god, decimated the zombies while Bird, Lucas, and Petros started dropping the devils. John and Lily used the power of invisiblity to hide and attack from didtance. There were some flying female devils that used some sort of blight magic to wound the group. Soon Lily became visible again and several bearded devils teleported around her and began to attack, but John was ready for them as was Lily. She used a dimension door gift and was no longer surrounded by the devils and John used a gift to place an area of writhing grabbing tentacles to pin the devils. Lucas noticed a shimmering blur of something invisible and fired several times into it dropping it, a hellcat. Bird was surrounded by many devils but they could not hit her, as was Petros. John found his way to stand next to Lucas and used the gift of flight on him. Now Lucas could close the didtance to the Female devils and did so to their chagrin and they fell. There then was an awful scream from Azrael that was cut short as the remaining Hellcat decapitated him. With renewed effort the Champions destroyed the last of the foe before them, but stood in shock afterward with the loss of their companion.

Month 12 - day 13(addendum)

Sister?!?! Father?!?!

January 16, 2012 20:24

When no one could decide what to do after we had finished off the bone drinkers I felt a tug from my ring and decided to explore a bit. When I opened the door on the on the other side of the room a windwall exploded into existence and I knew the Lich was on the other side of the door. I drew my two-handed scimitar and moved in to kill the foul creature. As I approached the desk the Lich sat behind I failed to notice an etched symbol on the floor and stepped through it. This symbol released some type of magic that drained my life force, but I pressed on only to have to defend myself from several undead hobgoblin shock troops. I did not notice my companions entering the room behind me. All I remember is being dragged out of the room. Azrael used the power from his god to dispatch most of the undead as Petros, Icabod, and Zhu kept the Lich busy. I don’t remember much else from that brief battle. Just that Azrael managed to destroy the Lich’s corporeal form with a powerful prayer. We continued to search this structure and came upon a set of doors that led into a corrupted chapel. A group of hobgoblins led by an evil cleric resided here and brought the fight to us. Azrael Kept the Cleric busy while we dispatched the hobgoblins. As Zhu and John finished off the cleric there was a loud otherworldly scream as a section of wall was destroyed and a large ice demon stepped through.

Lilly and I pelted the beast with magic and arrows as most of our group was overcome with magical fear. I kept my distance as best I could but then the creature used one of it’s gifts to erect a wall of ice to pin me in against a wall. One of our magic users used a fire gift to cut a hole in the wall freeing me and I moved thru the opening created only to be chilled to the bone. I was now facing the demon alone in the room. I fired off several shots one striking true, but it was too little too late. The creature struck me in the chest with it’s barbed tail piercing me through the chest. The pain was excrutiating… then there was no pain… I was staring Troktori in the face… he was nodding his head and grinned with a gleam in his eye… then BLACKNESS…

I walked in an untamed wood and bent my knee to examine a fresh track of a large deer. The track told me my prey was close and was tiring. I would have my prize soon. On I walked towards the end of the hunt. I stepped to the edge of a clearing where the deer was drinking from a shallow stream. It lifted it’s head and turned towards me then it’s form shifted into that of my sister and she was holding here hand out to me, “Come back to me, Brother.” I stepped toward her and the world shifted and faded, she floated away… I followed… flying… faster…faster… back into darkness…

I open my eyes and take a hurried breath. I am alive and in full health. I sit up only to see my sister standing beside me. I am overtaken with emotion as I rise to my knees and wrap my arms around her slender form. “Forgive me for not saving you.” She tells me it was not my fault and how she had become a priest of the master of the hunt. How she was hoping to kill the hobgoblin cleric herself. Then she said she could not stay for long. And she faded.

A secret door opening in the back of the room interrupted our respite as a hooded figure stepped out. This person held up his hands and removed his hood, it was my father and he was obviously a vampire. I raised my bow and he said, son, Lucas, put your weapons away, I mean you no harm. Join me and we could rule this place. My only answer was an arrow directed at his head. He batted the arrow out of the air as if it was a thrown stick. He moved blindingly fast and proved to be near impossible to strike. The combat move into the side room where the ice demon had come from John read from one of his scrolls and pointed at my Father. A green beam struck him and he howled in pain. Just as that happened the ring I wore grew hot then exploded and all the energy released seemed to strike my father.

Time stood still…

The Vampire part of my father fell away from him in dust while his spirit was pulled from the ashes. My fathers pure spirit stood before as did my sister. My sister told me that she was sent to watch over me and now that I have redeemed my father her mission was complete and she must leave. My father asked for me to forgive him for his transgressions how he was tempted by the search for power and he sees the errors of his ways. I forgive you Father…

~Lucas, Son of Jason Parmentier, 8th Woodsman of the Inner flame of power

Month 12 - Day 13
Lucas, I Am Your Father

Recouping after our encounter with the half-dozen bone drinkers, our impending rest was interrupted by the wanderings of Lucas Parmentier. The ranger barely cracked open the nearby room, but it unleashed a torrent of foul and prepared magic. Our old and recurring foe the Lich stood in wait, along with several hobgoblin cohorts. Lucas was drastically weakened when he confronted them but managed to retreat as the rest of us moved to counterattack.

Icabod, Patros and Lelandra held the Lich at bay in the doorway as his undead minions slipped through their blockade. I dispatched several of them with the righteous glory of my God, while John Rossi handled the other. Eventually the Lich moved into the room with us, but was soon overwhelmed. He possessed great magic, and prepared to cast all manner of dark incantations. Rather than risk the safety of the Champions, against my better judgement I heedlesly harkened upon the Morninglord to raze the abomination to dust. As it would later seem, this was in the Lich’s best interest as it could once again relay its findings and live to fight another day. Lesson learned; undead filth must be destroyed – but there are opportune moments and means to do so.

On we continued into the unholy, corrupted church. An evil cleric led a small battalion of warrior hobgoblins against us, and our own warrior met them steel to steel. I did my best to counter his magic with my own, but unfortunately I would seem the lesser in this regard. Lelandra and Rossi made their way into the chapel and eventually slew him – but not before an even greater foe burst from the walls.

Out charged an ice demon, summoned from the darkest depths of the Abyss. While the Morninglord grants the light to cleanse the mortal realm through me, it was no use against such evil. I had little use in the conflict save protecting my allies from its frightful presence and healing their wounds. Lily, or should I say Robert, proved much more effective. She and Lucas damaged it considerably. I was stretched in my aid between distant comrades, and sadly as I moved from the chapel I heard the shrill shout of Lucas as the demon tore him in twain.

The remainder of the Champions rallied together to surround the demon, wearing on it slowly. Just when the battle seemed to be in our favor, the accursed beast reared back and slashed its bloody claws across the beautiful faces of Lelandra. Lelandra, my fair Zhu, lied dead. As I stared in disbelief, John Rossi dealt the final magical blow and destroyed the creature.

We had no time to regain our strength, as next the lord of the keep – the Vampire of whom we had been informed – stepped forth into the chapel. He claimed to be Lucas’ father and enticed the noble ranger to join his evil cause. Lucas answered with an arrow shot, which while well-aimed was easily deflected by the nimble Vampire. All rushed to fight the creature but, as with the Shadow Monks of Elirhondas, the creature proved a master of unarmed combat. He easily dodged and redirected attacks, tumbling between our ranks with vile haste. I prepared one of my most powerful spells to transport us all out of the area in cast the conflict spiraled out of control, but the Champions fought on.

The Vampire ran into the adjacent vault where I could not see, but could hear Rossi’s voice. He read from a scroll of powerful disintegration, and from the howl of the Vampire I could discern it had worked. After that I saw a bright light emenate from the room and heard a woman’s voice speak to Lucas, followed be the Vampire’s – though less bestial than before. I could not hear what they said, but soon the aura of darkness lifted. The dust and cobwebs that lined the chapel were replaced by blooming flowers and flittering glow bugs. Whatever happened in that room cleansed the entire keep. I felt honored to be a part of the encounter, but could not help but be disappointed I could not witness the devil’s destruction myself.

The keep was ours. The war against Nahmbrak and his minions, however, marched ever on.

~Skybound Azrael
8th Cleric of the Inner Flame of Power

Month 10 - Day 14
A God By Any Other Name

Having reclaimed Kel’s Rise from the clutches of a sorcerous Lich and his horde of minions, the Champions of the Oak – including new additions Skybound Azrael, John Rossi and Icabod – returned to town where they temporarily went about their separate ways. For the next month the heroes tended to their personal and professional lives, all the while mindful of the Hobgoblin Nahmbrak and his machinations.

At last the party regrouped in Freeport, where they plotted their next move. They uncovered rumors that the Hobgoblin relocated from his keep in the south to one far in the North, in the land of the Frost Giants. With the aid of psionic scrying from Lily Leoven they were able to confirm these rumors. The southern keep lay protected by two of the Nahmbrak’s generals, the Lich and an unknown Vampire. Lily observed as the generals sent four advanced ghouls toward Freeport in order to test the defenses of its Magistrate – Myra Silverleaf.

Preparing to defend the city, the Champions of the Oak summoned Silverleaf to the Temple of Umothemean in the center of town. At some point while they waited, John Rossi wandered off to tend to his own covert business. During his dealings, for reasons and means unknown to the others, he had entered into a deadly blood contract. This contract forbade him from speaking of its details or origin, leaving him internally wounded and virtually enslaved to an anonymous foe.

Eventually Myra Silverleaf arrived, flanked by several wizard cohorts. The Champions confided in her the plans of the enemy, though she showed little concern and even less patience to hear more. When the cleric Azrael boldly spoke of the importance of cooperation, however, she finally conceded to assist them with protection and information. She once more confirmed the vacancy of the South Keep, and mentioned the growing conflict between the Surrinak and Castellan human noble houses. She excused herself, leaving the group to decide their next move.

Once more Lily scried the lands, this time coming across Kamel Surrinak upon his self-imposed exile. As she conversed with him on their current plight, she absently said aloud the name of Umothemean – an act which has recently had random and potentially deadly consequences. At once her mind with immediately exchanged with Kamel’s, as well as body. He awoke where Lily had sat, drawing weapons on the strangers surrounding him. The group did their best to explain the situation, impossible and bizarre as it was. Kamel cautiously referred to himself by the assumed named of “Robert” thereafter.

While the others debriefed Robert, Zhu spoke with Azrael. As Lily had done mere moments prior, Zhu said the name of Umothomean aloud. In a flash she too had exchanged mind and soul with another – a fabled barbarian hero named Lelandra who had perished in battle centuries ago. Zhu, thence referring to herself was Lelandra, was then also debriefed on the situation. No sooner had they all become reacquainted when a commotion drew their attention outside. They discovered it was Myra Silverleaf, who had apparently slain the ghoul attackers sent against her. The scene was immediately closed off and guarded by local militia. Petros questioned the guards on what had happened, while Azrael questioned Silverleaf on the ghouls and state of the sewers. Silverleaf offered to lead Azrael, Lelandra and Icabod alone into the bowels of the city – the outnumbered and underpowered party wisely declined.

At last the group prepared for departure and battle. They teleported to the South Keep, where they fought an intense battle against a horde of ogres and shadow mastiffs, supported by hobgoblins riding large flying insects. The Champions eventually triumphed, moving on to the keep itself. Icabod opened the massive iron doors, only to be met by a massive iron fist. Two iron golems emerged and pummeled the fighter, along with Lelandra – who valiantly charged into the fray. With much effort from the entire group – especially devastating blasts of psionic crystals from Robert, the golems were at last destroyed.

Enterting into the enormous entry hall for the stone keep, it wasn’t long before the party came under attack once again. Seven bone-drinking undead monstrosities burst from a doorway, causing yet another vicious battle. Petros waded fearlessly into battle, flanked by the formidable Icabod and shape-shifting Lelandra – who assumed the form of a powerful bear. Soon yet another battle was won, leaving the Champions of the Oak to rest and prepare for their next encounter.

Lucas' Recap

January 04, 2012

Kel’s Rise, My home, taken over by the undead I can not stand for it even though I was run out of there by my father I still think of it as my home. We destroyed the lich that was “in charge” there, only to have him return later. On the next excursion there we focused on the Night Twist, a most evil plant creature. When we arrived back at Kel’s Rise the tree was surrounded by a horde of zombies and skeletons, which Zhu, Azrael and I dispatched quickly. Lily, John, and Icabod focused on the tree and it was over within 30 seconds. At that time the lich stepped out to use his powerful gifts and was cut down as quickly. Inside the building the lich exited were the four vampires that had guarded the tree during the night when they could be out. They did not see me as I investigated the halls in the building until I made my way back to inform the rest of the group that the vampires were waiting for us inside. They were dispatched as quickly as the lich as I let them feel the full force of my hatred for them.
The Champions of the Oak, after successfully cleaning out Kel’s Rise agreed to take a month to gather information or take care of personal matters before regrouping in Freeport. During the month I learned that Nahmbrak had made a deal with a frost giant tribe in the Titania Foothills to teach them about a ritual called the “Obligotum Metamorphosis” in exchange for them building him a fortress in the center of the foothills.
When we meet back up I informed the group that Nahmbrak has allied himself with the frost giants of Titania Foothills and now has a new keep that is well guarded there. Lily confirms this by using one of mind powers to view the lich, which she kept a part of his body to make it easier. The lich was in the old stronghold in the south. Lily was able to confirm two of Nahmbrak’s generals were in this Stronghold, the Lich, and the Vampire. There is a third that has been described as inky blackness. It kind of sounds like what attacked me in the West Oakwood. …Was it really my father or was it just using his visage?
Also learned was that Nahmbrak’s generals were sending four advanced ghouls into Freeport to test the security and to attack Myra Silverleaf, who from what we gathered is a Magistrate in the Ebon Kabal. We set up a meeting with Myra to hopefully gain some info on her in exchange for the information about the ghouls. This meeting did not go as planned, but Myra confirmed that Nahmbrak had left the southern stronghold to his generals and was residing in the northern. Myra also mentioned the struggle between House Surrinak and House Carstellian. Wich led me to a thought about Kamell, Lily’s brother.
I asked Lily if she might be able to contact her brother as I thought he might have better information on the strengths of the frost giant force we might be facing. She went back into her trance and then she mouthed the name, “Umaothemean”. This had a strange effect as her body was lifted off the ground than slammed to the floor with an unseen force. Lily bounced to her feet immediately drawing weapons and in a strained voice asked who we were. She then recognized me and stated that I would be the only one she would talk to. We moved off to a different room to talk and I realized that I must be talking to Kamell Surrinak, Lily’s brother. I explained that Lily must have found him and when describing where we were inadvertently mentioned the Morning Lord’s name. Which in turn must have transferred his consciousness to her body and hers to his body. I then had him describe in detail to my floating companion the exact location he was in so we could go retrieve Lily.
Pop, I am standing on Obsidian Ridge and Lily in Kamell’s body latches onto me almost trembling. She asks where she is and I tell her on Obsidian Ridge. I tell her that when she uttered the Morning Lord’s name she and her brother switched bodies. I drew the scimitar off my back so she could see herself in the reflection. She gasped as the realization set in, then Kamell in Lily’s body teleports in. After a few minutes of discussion about why we were even looking for him, he decides this will be a good thing. With Lily’s talent at disguise she can hide the fact that it’s Kamell’s body and Kamell can keep Lily’s body safe with his expertise in the woods. They would figure out how to undo the switch at a later time.
Lily and I decided that she use the alias Robert for the time being. We could come up with other details at a later time. When we returned from Obsidian Ridge after saying our farewells to Kamell, I introduced Robert to the group and explained that Lily was in a different place and Robert was Lily.
At sometime while I was away with Kamell and Lily, Zhu managed to speak the name of the Morning Lord as well and a similar thing happened to her that happened to Lily. Someone named Lelandra was residing in Zhu’s body.
Our attention was drawn outside to and down the street towards Kennick’s Tavern and Inn. There was a commotion as people were rushing out of the inn. Lily, aka. Robert, stayed behind to disguise her/himself as we ran to investigate. When we arrived Myra was wiping her blade clean on a rag looking no worse for wear. As we questioned Myra about the fight the local Guard had already begun roping the area off and ushering people away from the scene. Petros began to question the guard captain as Azrael questioned Myra. Myra then suggested we accompany her to investigate the sewers and how the Ghouls made their way into the city. We decline to accompany her and head back to the Temple of Umothemean to discuss our next course of action. Which was to head to the southern stronghold and destroy the two generals residing there.

downtimes 6 months later
Doomsday. Month 3 Day 2-4

The group takes on the fortress of the Yuan-Ti in an attempt to stop

Month 3 Day 1: On the Verge of Greatness

It was not long after the group had said their goodbyes to both Kelsey and Aramil that a snow storm had appeared. A chuckle could be heard right before an iron golem of about 6’11" appeared brandishing a large steel shield and a flail. He appeared to be attacking the snow storm. After several minutes of tactfull diplomacy the group was able to ascertain that it was not an iron golem but some sort of intellgent creation with a soul and everything. It called itself Krom and it was a warforged. It become abundantly apparent that it believed in the direct approach to everything.

The group made it’s way to Hasken’s manor to dispatch of the hobgoblins there only to meet a female barbarian named Genna. Genna was actualy a hag monster in magical disguise. It lured the group to the balcony and attempted to throw Krom over the edge. Unfortunately he was VERY heavy. She then shouts “Kill Them!” The grey elf wizard Izzual in the other room was in big trouble as two ogres appeared and did some early damage to him. Luckily Lucas and his flesh golem were not too far away. Lucas made an aerial shot jumping off the shoulder of the flesh golem that killed one of the two ogres with one shot.

On the balcony oustide, Petros made swift work of the hag by channeling electrical energy through his long sword and sacrificed accuracy for strength and it paid off as he almost took the monster’s leg clean off.

A loud thump from below was heard by everyone in the group. The group began moving cautiously throughout the manor. Petros beheaded the hag before joining with the group. Down in the basement they found a reptilian monster like the one they had fought outside of Pedestal. It was down but not dead. Lucas and Izzual found a small passage that lead to another chamber that was empty except for three more bodies and a black treasure chest. Izzual said it radiated with some unknown magic. When Lucas picked it up, a large silver being appeared and began attacking him. Krom rushed into the room but pushed Izzual into the room in the process. Petros quickly followed. Lily explained to the group that they were fighting an astral construct which is done through psionics. The battle was not going well at all and the group was retreating but then the battle turned and Petros and Krom felled the creature. Krom ripped open the chest to find magic items.

The group revived the Reptile-man and his name was Kadre. He was seeking manacles of freedom to free his people. The group gave him the manacles but could not help him fight the evil neogi that are enslaving his tribe. He says that one day he will repay the favor.

The group rests for about three days at the manor and then heads north into the mountains.

In the mountains, the winter wind creates problems. Lucas’ knowledge of travelling probably saves the lives of the group. Near dusk the group encounters an ettin. The battles is almost over before it begins as Lucas rains arrows down on the giant. He let’s the party know that this region of the mountain has terrible monsters. The group travels for a few more hours and then beds down for the night.

Near the morning, the group awakes to the sound of battle as they find Krom attacking the flesh golem. Izzual steps out of his tent and his mind is almost completely taken over. Then a ball of hellish unholy energy damages the whole group. Finaly, Lily sees the creature and recognizes it as a Cerebrilith Demon. Which is a psionic demon. The demon blasts the group a second time and things are beginning to look grim. Lucas desperately pulls out the ring of Troktori and puts it on asking for Troktori’s help. His bow magicaly transforms into an oathbow. With two amazing shots in a row, he fells the demon. Not even a few seconds later, a dark shadow from the sky brings fear to the party. A adult red dragon appears.

Turns out the red dragon is a good guy who was a friend of the lost lords of light. The group travels to his lair near Mist Falls and stays with the dragon and learns a lot.

Month 2 day 26. Shopping for Trouble.

The group speaks with a local alchemist in Stumpflat looking for magical potions. The alchemist directs them to see lady Denman. On the outskirts of town they are able to meet her and her half-orc son. Eventualy they make good realtions and buy a few potions. Afterwards the good to the blue diamond in search of Kelsey the Bard. She joins the group as she is a very capable bard,

With snow on the ground the group then takes it’s leave of Stumpflat and decides to go to Freeport. They gather the money they made form the sale of the golem they found in Tagen’s realm. They then decide to equip Lily with more magic items balance the group. They once again stay at Kennick’s in Freeport and enjoy the luxury.

Afterwards, they head towards Krokarr and stay at the White Unicorn. While shopping in town they encounter Cadak Hardivast, a minor noble of halfling clan Hardivast. He invites them to dinner. At dinner Petros relives the story of how he obtained Deathbreaker, his new sword. On their way back to their rooms, they see Elliad Kedrell going to speak with house Dankil. Bailey meets them back at the Inn and informs them that their contact for the Golden Knights is Garn of Garn’s forge. They decide to rest and meet him the next day. The next day they speak with Garn and gather information about the Vanguard of Chromosh that has the Grail of Shangralar. They decide to handle the mission with the Manor house. They go back to the Inn and are attacked by an assasin that gets away. Lily has a near death experience and has a dream revealing that Petros and Talen are the sons of Loki. The group leaves the Inn and discusses this. Aramil shows up and learns this information as well. Bailey the Bard believes this is too much and wants to leave the group. Aramel erases her memory.


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