Map I know it’s a little vague, but wait till you see the 3-D.

Day 1
Nice to Meet You, Let's Kill Together

The group has culminated through unexpected circumstances—A caravan from Freeport to Dondurran carrying two members of the party was attacked, and the five barrels containing expensive spices were lifted from it by several dozen goblins. The two members travelling with the caravan, Zhura Zhukasti, a cleric, and Petros Plarney, an assumed fighter met again at the The half fullHalf empty Inn (or Half Empty depending on what time you arrive at the tavern) and met Iselyn Hannover, the intended recipient of the spices and owner of the tavern. Petros and Zhuara attempted to initiate a group to recollect the stolen goods, and in the process stumbled upon a Gifted-one of the talent-born celebrities of the world. The Gifted was Kiteera, a graceful woman with some surprising talents. Kiteera’s traveling companion was Grella-a half-orc fighter with an interesting cadence for speech, but great power. Also at the table was an Imbued—Lily, who carried herself with an air of mystery, and a certain degree of silence. After Kiteera negotiated with Iselyn, they agreed to retrieve the spices for a sum of 500 gold. The newly formed party, barely cognizant of each others’ names, took to bed to rest for their journey together the following day. The group rose early to set out towards the woods where the goblins retreated with the spices. The elf Kiteera luckily spotted their secret entrance, and the cautious trip below the ground commenced. After destroying the first three guards (and interviewing one particularly aroused goblin), the five cautiously moved into the next room—a room with several exits. An ambush lay in wait, but the three goblins were similarly executed. And here is where the adventure pauses, for what lies in wait down the two passages…?


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