Month 3 Day 1: On the Verge of Greatness

It was not long after the group had said their goodbyes to both Kelsey and Aramil that a snow storm had appeared. A chuckle could be heard right before an iron golem of about 6’11" appeared brandishing a large steel shield and a flail. He appeared to be attacking the snow storm. After several minutes of tactfull diplomacy the group was able to ascertain that it was not an iron golem but some sort of intellgent creation with a soul and everything. It called itself Krom and it was a warforged. It become abundantly apparent that it believed in the direct approach to everything.

The group made it’s way to Hasken’s manor to dispatch of the hobgoblins there only to meet a female barbarian named Genna. Genna was actualy a hag monster in magical disguise. It lured the group to the balcony and attempted to throw Krom over the edge. Unfortunately he was VERY heavy. She then shouts “Kill Them!” The grey elf wizard Izzual in the other room was in big trouble as two ogres appeared and did some early damage to him. Luckily Lucas and his flesh golem were not too far away. Lucas made an aerial shot jumping off the shoulder of the flesh golem that killed one of the two ogres with one shot.

On the balcony oustide, Petros made swift work of the hag by channeling electrical energy through his long sword and sacrificed accuracy for strength and it paid off as he almost took the monster’s leg clean off.

A loud thump from below was heard by everyone in the group. The group began moving cautiously throughout the manor. Petros beheaded the hag before joining with the group. Down in the basement they found a reptilian monster like the one they had fought outside of Pedestal. It was down but not dead. Lucas and Izzual found a small passage that lead to another chamber that was empty except for three more bodies and a black treasure chest. Izzual said it radiated with some unknown magic. When Lucas picked it up, a large silver being appeared and began attacking him. Krom rushed into the room but pushed Izzual into the room in the process. Petros quickly followed. Lily explained to the group that they were fighting an astral construct which is done through psionics. The battle was not going well at all and the group was retreating but then the battle turned and Petros and Krom felled the creature. Krom ripped open the chest to find magic items.

The group revived the Reptile-man and his name was Kadre. He was seeking manacles of freedom to free his people. The group gave him the manacles but could not help him fight the evil neogi that are enslaving his tribe. He says that one day he will repay the favor.

The group rests for about three days at the manor and then heads north into the mountains.

In the mountains, the winter wind creates problems. Lucas’ knowledge of travelling probably saves the lives of the group. Near dusk the group encounters an ettin. The battles is almost over before it begins as Lucas rains arrows down on the giant. He let’s the party know that this region of the mountain has terrible monsters. The group travels for a few more hours and then beds down for the night.

Near the morning, the group awakes to the sound of battle as they find Krom attacking the flesh golem. Izzual steps out of his tent and his mind is almost completely taken over. Then a ball of hellish unholy energy damages the whole group. Finaly, Lily sees the creature and recognizes it as a Cerebrilith Demon. Which is a psionic demon. The demon blasts the group a second time and things are beginning to look grim. Lucas desperately pulls out the ring of Troktori and puts it on asking for Troktori’s help. His bow magicaly transforms into an oathbow. With two amazing shots in a row, he fells the demon. Not even a few seconds later, a dark shadow from the sky brings fear to the party. A adult red dragon appears.

Turns out the red dragon is a good guy who was a friend of the lost lords of light. The group travels to his lair near Mist Falls and stays with the dragon and learns a lot.

Month 2 day 26. Shopping for Trouble.

The group speaks with a local alchemist in Stumpflat looking for magical potions. The alchemist directs them to see lady Denman. On the outskirts of town they are able to meet her and her half-orc son. Eventualy they make good realtions and buy a few potions. Afterwards the good to the blue diamond in search of Kelsey the Bard. She joins the group as she is a very capable bard,

With snow on the ground the group then takes it’s leave of Stumpflat and decides to go to Freeport. They gather the money they made form the sale of the golem they found in Tagen’s realm. They then decide to equip Lily with more magic items balance the group. They once again stay at Kennick’s in Freeport and enjoy the luxury.

Afterwards, they head towards Krokarr and stay at the White Unicorn. While shopping in town they encounter Cadak Hardivast, a minor noble of halfling clan Hardivast. He invites them to dinner. At dinner Petros relives the story of how he obtained Deathbreaker, his new sword. On their way back to their rooms, they see Elliad Kedrell going to speak with house Dankil. Bailey meets them back at the Inn and informs them that their contact for the Golden Knights is Garn of Garn’s forge. They decide to rest and meet him the next day. The next day they speak with Garn and gather information about the Vanguard of Chromosh that has the Grail of Shangralar. They decide to handle the mission with the Manor house. They go back to the Inn and are attacked by an assasin that gets away. Lily has a near death experience and has a dream revealing that Petros and Talen are the sons of Loki. The group leaves the Inn and discusses this. Aramil shows up and learns this information as well. Bailey the Bard believes this is too much and wants to leave the group. Aramel erases her memory.

Month 2 Day 19. Redemption

The group picks up an elven emissary from the Luminous Order and begins the trek towards the grave yard. Upon arriving through the outside gates, they are attacked by stone statues known as Weepers. The battle is one of the toughest they have fought. As Lucas drops once and Petros drops twice.

The group decides to retreat and their grey elven wizard teleports them to the Shinning Citadel. There the group rests and Lily utilizes her knack for acquiring items to go on the search for the items on her list. She comes back at 10 the next morning and is exhausted. She rests and the group teleprts to the base of the skull hill.

Inside the hill they encounter a nasty trap in the from of 4 stone statues that can summon endless skeletal worgs. They find writing in dozens of different languages and their wizard deciphers the script to realize they need to bring in a body. The do so and Lily is able to help Petros open the stuck door.

Beyond they find a room of rotting corpses with maggots all over the floor. The group fans out and a black pudding attacks them. They easily dispatch of the monster and continue. Southward they discover a floor with broken stones and it’s obvious this is the wards that kept an evil creature intact. They also discover hidden writing from the guy who sent them to this place.
Then they are attacked by a wraith. The wizard’s hold undead spell gives the party time to beef up their archer Lucas and he destroys the creature.

Further on they discover money and a magic sword named Death Breaker. Upon leaving they see a hunched figure running and the wizard casts fly on everyone to pursue.

He leads them back to the funeral home. The owner is a necromancer that attacks them along with the aid of his flesh golem. The group subdues him and the town’s people hang the necromancer the next day. before he dies he turns the flesh golem over to the group as his way of redemption for his awful crimes.

The group spends the next two weeks here.

Sacrifice and Loss 1month day 7 to month 2 day 5

The group travels back to Riverbend to resupply. Petros gives his armor to a local armorsmith to try and sell for him. Zhu finds a love interest in the current ruler of Riverbend with the Countess Elaine Entrighan much to Marcus’ shagrin. Both Zhu and Lily stay for about a week at the royal mansion. Both find time to pour through her vast library to learn as much about their two races as possible. Then the group trecks north to Freeport.

Once in Freeport it becomes clear that their triump in Tagen’s realm has not gone unnoticed and word has spread throughout the valley to very important figures. A messenger arrives and give Zhu an invitation to Merrick Kedrell’s mansion. An Invitation form Merrick Kedrell to Zhu has peeked everyone’s interest. He requests her precense in three weeks.

When the group arrives they are swiftly met by High Priestess Bryanuur. She quickly takes the Grail from them. The group discovers later that she sold the Grail to Lanthurae who is taking the grail north to the city of Pedestal underground.

Soon after that Bariss Carstellan invites the group to his mansion. After a thorough investigation, their meeting is interuppted by Aramel, High Wizard of the Valley. Apparently the group was about to reveal something incredibly dangerous to Bariss Carstellan. Aramel has the group pour their memories into a bottle. After a heated debate the group quickly leaves.

They also come across Elliad Kedrell. Elliad Kedrell is a one of the leaders of the Ebon Kabal. He says the Ebon Kabal is fractured because of the recent rise of Talen Plarney as the supreme ruler. He offers to help the party if they want it. The group takes up his offer and he teleports them an entrance to the underdark near Pedestal.

The group finds a new magical means of travel in something called an earth node. Those of the gifted ability have to “attune” themselves to the node for 8 hours and then are able to use it as a means of teleporting from one area to another. The group arrives in a large underground cave. The meet a grey dwarf merchant that has wares to trade. After purchasing a few items and gelaning what information they can from him, thhey move on.

They come to a beach of a large underground lake. Beyond they can see glimmers of the city of Pedestal. They also find a large stone bridge that has been erected on the eastern side of the lake up against the cavern wall. The group begins to travel across the bridge. Halfway across the bridge they encounter a nasty fish creature called an Aboleth that had minions known as Skum. The Skum were created from humanoids the Aboleth has captured. Early in the battle the ranger Lucas was ensorcelled to do the creature’s bidding and he shot their Wizard Marcus in the back with arrows dropping him. Lucas also commanded his giant lizard animal companion Grimm to attack the party. Luckily, the group was able to attack the Aboleth and drive it away and knock Lucas out.

After the drama on the bridge the group made it to the gates of Pedestal. There they encountered Fish men known as Kuo-Toans. They easily dispatched of them and ventured into the city. Petros’ knowledge of History and Local cities helped the group with knowing where to go next. The went to the Dripstone Inn and encountered Es Sarch, a obviously neutral undead creature that seems to be somewhat the power seat of Pedestal. Es Sarch let the group know that an agent of the Assasin’s guilde has the item they were looking for and had taken it to the Necromancer’s Spire. Es Sarch has an item that will enable the group to enter the Spire free of the Spire’s nasty magic traps but they would first have to go to an island and acquire mushrooms for Es Sarch that he needed for the undead plague affecting the city. The group was directed to a pier in the south side of the city.

At the south side of the city they dealt with a female grey dwarf who seemed to have dark intentions until Zhu handled that matter diplomaticaly. The group then acquired a boat and headed to the island. On the isalnd they found that spores on the island were damaging them, so they quickly headed to the center to find the spores and were assaulted by fungus men. Tougher battle than the Kuo-Toans but they pre-vailed in the end and retuned with the spores.

On their way back to the city an unepxected fight kills Petros’ and he resurrects the entire city as whatever rediculous power is inside him lashes out uncontrolled.

Eventualy they return to Es Sarch and he gives them a ring that allowed passage into the Spire. So they began their journey.

At the tower’s entrance Lily brilliantly bluffed drow elves that were guarding the entrance. Petros’ knowledge of Arhictecture and Enginering really helped the group not be fooled by some of the Spire’s hidden areas. The group battle unique undead, evil faeiries, aberrations impersonating kitchen ware, weird fire elementals, and golems made of glass. At the top of the Spire they found a passage filled with half stone and half flesh statues. In the room east of their the final battle begins. Unfortunately, Grim and Lucas are turned to stone by a half yuan ti/half-medusa. The group retreats and waits. Then goes back to the room and discovers her gone. They later find a halfling in the passage and a treasure chest. Inside the chest they find oils of stone to flesh. They bring back the halfling, Lucas, and Grim. They also go back into the hallway and bring back an angel they saw. When they return to the room again, the medusa comes back and the battle ensues again. This time Marcus, the halfling, and the angel are turned to stone. The medusa is slain and a golden magical rod, magical armor, and a magic shortbow are found.

The group is heart broken over their friend’s loss but realize they can only take the halfling with them. So they decide to sneak back through the city, over the bridge, and back to surface. they accomplish this with realitive ease.

On the surface the ranger Lucas advises them that Hemyulak is the closest village. So they begin their trek through the Blackreach mountains. On the first day the group finds signs that a large creature has destroyed sections of the forest. Later that night the group finds a cave to rest in but unfortunately their rest is interupted by a giant lizard that Zhu and Lily indentify as a white dragon. The creature breaths a cone of cold air. The battle is ferious and last 30 seconds which seems like a life time but eventualy the group drives off the beast.

Petros uses his knowledge of enginering with the aid of Lucas’ knowledge of nature to effectively plug the cave entrance. 7 hours into the night the owner of the cave, a trol, shows up and a fight ensues. This creature is much easier to dispacth than the dragon. The find a weird magic item on the creature made of troll intestines that acts as a rope along with a small sum of wealth.

The trek to Hemyulak take an additional day and a half but is uniterrupted. Arriving in the small village Lucas finds a druid grove and spends some time there.

The group spends the better part of 2 months in the village before heading southward. There they find a new mission dealing with some evil spirit in a grave site.

Dark Days Rising (1 Month 6 days)

The group learns much about the village of Shul Shennek. The village is more like a communist community with elected leaders that give outsiders a sense of familiarity. The group does much business in town including selling most of the equipment they have found. They also have a magic bow created for Lucas by a cleric with a local business. Markus meets with the lord of the merchant house treeboar and is formaly invited to a party in Freeport in one month’s time. After resting for a couple of days, the group re-enters Tagen’s realm. The group has already scoured two towers and decides to check out the last two located to the west. They venture to the tower more northwesternly and encounter a crystal golem that kills Kiteera and nearly wipes out the entire party. Luckily Zhu’s wisdom guides the party into focusing on the creature and not the glass tentacles it created and the strange creation is destroyed. The group decides to then focus southward and abandons the idea of the northern tower. They encounter floating flame skulls and three skeletons. They dispatch those and continue upwards. They find a room that houses dozens of ceremonialy wrapped corpses that have obviously been pilfered for undead creations. North of that room they encounter a crazy wizard in a vat that summons creatures and they enventualy kill him.

Upward to the final level of the tower they encounter Talen, Petro’s brother. A few of the party members realize this is the picture they uncovered on the stone walls of prophecy. Before anyone can react, Talen unleashes a black emanating power that begins draining everyone of life, powers, and spells. Petros unleashes his power that brought him back to life and the two powers collide. It is clear to those in the room that the energy being unleashed is beyond the scope of the gods. Then as the walls predicted, Tagen the Bleak returns. He speaks to the group briefly and gives the Grail of Shagrala to Zhu and tells her that he believes her god is putting to much faith into her abilities to complete her destiny. He leaves. The group leaves and heads back to Shul Shennek. After much debate, the group decides to return to Freeport. But what awaits them there…………..

Death becomes him (1 month/ 2 days) 11/20/2010

The group decides to take the orcs offer and meet the boss. They meet the boss and Lily notices a giant spider that the Orc leader keeps looking at in the darkness. All the orcs leave and Petros says the spider thinks he is its master. After resting a couple of days Petros says the spider no longer believes he is its master and the orcs rush to attack. Big battle and Marcus is dropped. Evetualy they win and the party heals partialy. The they find an elevator shaft and go down and are attacked by white skinned pygmy giants and a half-orc. They kill the giants and the half-orc turns out to be a yochol. It beats on the group using magic and eventualy Marcus’ magic missles and Lily’s eldricth blast do it in.

On the level below, the group encounters more pygmy giants along with a pygmy giant spellcaster. Petros is slain and the group kills the threat. Petros comes back to life with gold energy shooting out as powerful as a God’s. Everyone is healed and all powers back.

The group finds a room behind a hidden passage and its is filled with water. The group finds an undead and kills it. Then they find a high elf from Shul Shenek along with a key that gets them out. They also find the King’s tear.

So the group leaves and travels to Shul Shennek. They rest and look to resupply before returning…………….

Into the Unknown (Day 28-29) 11/13

Another day in Riverbend allows the group to acquire rumors. The group takes care of final neccesities and begins its trip towards the OakWood. Their trek over the plains between Oakwood and Riverbend is uneventful. Upon reaching the woodline the group sees a squadron of dead orcs just outside the woodline as if a fierce battle took place. Kiteera is ensorcelleed upon seeing the trees and begins walking towards the woods. A bird is perched in the treeline and seems to be possessed and watching the group. The group travels inside the Oakwood and finds the stone circle. They place the crystal in the side of the stone slab in the middle and draw blood from Kiteera.

The group teleports to Tagen’s Realm which is a realm of crystal towers and bridges. The ground is all ocean and the sky is starless. On the bridge awaiting them is a skeletal dragon that turns out to be just that and not undead when Lily blasts it with an eldritch bolt.

Within the first room of the first tower the group encounters a crystal statue that greets them and then an owlbear rushes to attack them. They kill it and skeletons and zombies attack and they destroy them. In the room to the right they find nothing. To the left they find a sitting room. The room north of there is a fountain room. A blood trail leads to a room to the east. The group follows the trail and inside the other room is a corpse with its skin pulled off. They move in slowly and are attacked by something Zhu recognizes as a Forsaken Shell. It drops many party members and the group quickly recovers, killing the creature after a successfull bluff by Lily.

The following room reveals a set of stairs leading up to the next level of the tower. The group finds an ancient elven table and is attacked by a wraith. Their wizard Marcus gets drained. They defeat the wraith and find another room with skeletons and zombies. They bottle neck those creatures and destroy them. In another room they are attacked by shadows and their cleric Zhu gets beat on by shadows. After defeating them, orcs yell down to come join them. The orcs offer to take them to their leader…………..

A tale of things to come (Day 21-26)

The group stands in the room of the stone walls of prophecy. The first picture shows a dark figure shooting bolts of eldritch fire into the obelisk and demons coming through the breached wall. The second picture showed Lily and Zhu fighting some tentacle demon. The third picture shows a crytsal keep over water. Lucas’ ring shoots red lightning out and possesses him. A spectral image of an eye begins reading the walls. Zhu tries to through a blanket over him and Lucas begins to phase out of existence and then reappears. The ring continues to read the walls and is reading the second wall when Lily blasts the second wall and it crumbles. Behind the picture of Lily and Zhu appears a picture of Petros and his brother Talen. Talen is reaching out his hand and pleading to Petros. Lily begins blasting that one as well. The ring stops and lucas is back to his normal self.

The group searches the next room and discovers a piece of wood hidden in a pulpit. The room itself appears to have been another temple with pews, etc. The group debates over whether to conclude their search of slaughtergarde and decides they are not strong enough to destroy the fire creature. So they decide to leave.

At the entrance they encounter Kendrick Surrinak, Talen Plarney, and Talon Creed. A huge twist in the story. Kendrick tells the group he is the leader of an arrow unit for the Golden Knights and on specific orders from Aramel the High Wizard of the realm. He asks for the last piece of the staff. When the group gets close enough, they realize that Kendrick is a vampire. Markus tries to debate with Kendrick and loses. The group hands over the piece of wood and Kendrick re-unites it with the Staff of Bloodless Rage. Then orders Talon Creed to kill the party. Lucas’ ring comes to life and teleports the group to Marcus’ home in Freeport. Stunned, the group recovers and tries to quickly come up with a plan for evading their new and powerful enemies.

The group decides to travel west and then cut south towards Riverbend. To throw off the trail a bit. They decide that once they get to Riverbend, then can decide what to do next. The group buys horses and after a day and a half of travel, the group arrives in Riverbend. Riverbend has 4 quarters. Nobles, Dirty, Common, and Merchant. Marcus fronts the money and they stay in the nobles quarter. They then travel to the local magic item shop. The shop is owned by a Master Wizard of the Outer Circle, Camren Vale. Marcus picks up a few items and the group has an interesting conversation with Camren Vale. Realizing he is neutral. Kiteera steals a scroll from him and replaces it with a scroll she stole from Marcus. Unbeknowst to the group. Marcus and Kiteera decide to go to the temple of Amara and enjoy themselves. The next morning the group plans that they will have to travel to Tagen’s realm and retrieve the Grail of Shangrala. First, Lily and Lucas go to the gnome circus and enjoy the show. The morning will begin an interesting trek……………………

The serpent and the faerie (Day 16-20)

The group wakes up and decides it must try to explore more of Slaughtergarde. They travel to the southwest section of slaughtergarde to the weird patinings that magicaly came alive. A portal to the east revealed a library guarded by drow priesteses. After killing the drow, the group decided to travel back to Freeport. Marcus, Zhu, and Lily spent most of their time studying the hundreds of scrolls recovered from the slaughtergarde. Petros spent most of his time in the markets speaking with local blacksmiths. He also stopped by his parents’ house and met with his father.

The group travelled back to Slaughtergarde. They returned to the room expecting to see the wererats but they were gone. The group was about to set up formation to go into the other room when a small black dragon breathed acid on the group. The group rushed into the room and was about to finish off the black dragon when a broken faerie jumped in to attack as well. The broken faerie was Kiteera’s friend. Kiteera tried to talk her out of her mindless rage but was unable to so the group slew her.

The group is now standing in a very interesting and important room.

Enemies Unknown (Day 12-15)

The group wakes up the next morning in the city of Freeport. The group decides it must unload the supplies it has acquired. Before they do, the group meets an interesting cleric Mask that removes the curse and blindness from Lucas and Petros. They agree to a quest in return. They have to find the Grail of Shangrala. She tells them of a ring of druid stones that would take them to a alternate plane of existence where they would find the grail. Lily, Kiteera, and Zhu use their disguises. Kiteera and Lucas go shopping. Lucas finds a strange item whose magic is immensely powerful. He felts a deep connection to it and acquires the item.

Later Lily, Petros and Zhu have an encounter with a memeber of Zhu’s race known as “The last seed” which tries to destroy Lily and tells Zhu that Lily’s race is the immortal enemy of the Lumians. They knock him out and bring him back to their hiding place. He awakens and vanishes he bonds dropping to the floor.

Its not long before the general of Freeport, Talon Creed finds their hiding place. He is about to take them for certain execution, when a member of a royal family steps in and saves the group. Marcus Perdekark. The group swears fealty to house Perdekark. A noble and a wizard of house Perdekark. They quickly retire to a small estate that Marcus has.

The group decides to finish what they started and goes back to Slaughtergarde. Beyond the encounter with the drow cleric the find a room with a statue of Tagen the Bleak. The fought spiders in that room and a chapel. After killing the spiders in the chapel they found the body of a drow warrior in a web cacoon and looted his corpse. Then the went to the final room and encounter a demonic spider the size of a small house. Petros was in trouble early. Eventualy, the party’s combined might felled the creature. The group then began exploring southward. The group fought a wight, then Zhu’s curiosity started a fight with a creature of flame that nearly decimated the group. Luckily they were able to retreat and the group rested in the room where they defeated the giant spider. The group was very close to exploring every part of Slaughtergarde.


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