Tag: Cities


  • Kel's Rise

    Kel's Rise is in a rebuilding process after being retaken. It is currently occupied by the Knights of the Luminous Order.

  • Silvermont

    This village fluctuates in population from 550 to 900. Gold and silver miners call this village home. Prices fluctuate wildly, depending on whether mining has been good lately. It's very much a company town, with almost every resident dependent on the …

  • Jewelford

    Seoond in popuation only to [[Freeport]], Jewelford is home to a mix of races. Halflings, gnomes, and humans make up the bulk of the populace. The halflings are river traders predominately of the Faminestri clan, the gnomes rae miners seeking gems in the …

  • Krokarr

    Dwarves from Krokarr have been working the silver and iron mines in the nearby hills for centuries. In the center of town is the Hall of the Fell Beast, built around the rib cage of an immense dragon. Within this hall, the leaders of the 9 prominent dwarf …