Golden Knights

An organization formed 350 years ago by Amaril the High Mage of the Valley. Mostly elves. This organization accepts any good members of any classes in its fight against evil. Their headquarters are in the elven village of Shul Shennek. They recruit any of the imbued and the gifted they can find. They usualy pay families for enrolling their children in the golden knights. Felosial Nailo a female elf is the general of the golden knights.

The Golden Knights are known for their straight forward methods of taking the battle to the enemy. Most of the forays have been against giants, dragons, and evil humanoids. It is rumored that their current involvements have been in the giant territories to the northwest.

The Golden Knights are more guerilla fighters than a large mass combat unit. The Luminous Order usualy handles large scale warfare. The organization starts from Aramel the high mage.

Falosial Nailo is the general. Four commanders broken down into geographical locations. NW, NE, SE, SW. Four commanders are currently a mystery. Each commander is responsible for recruiting new groups. Usualy from adventuring parties.

Under each commander is a Major. Each major is a gifted that is the leader of their group. Groups are named by their specialties.

Lance = Infiltration and assasination

Sword = assault unit

Shield = Defense unit

Arrow = intel gathering

Majors are in charge of their groups and their own recruiting whenever they lose a team member. Arrow units usualy supply possible candidates.

Out of the four groups, arrow units have been cause for most “issues” as Aramel has given “free-reign” to acquire information by all means neccessary. This has allowed those units to be exposed to possible corruption, though. Double agents became common during the devil gate wars. It is an obvious fact that the golden knights do not pay well. The Ebbon Cabal and certain royal families target arrow groups frequently for their knowledge of the inner workings of the knights and their ability to acquire knowledge.

Lance units have had a love hate relationship with the arrow units. Some lance and arrow units are legendary for their success working together. Other lance units have done their own “arrow” work causing problems in the ranks. Another potential for corruption. Some lance units have fallen out of the golden knights and become seperate entities. Taking their work “private”. It is believed a thieves guilde called the “Stilletos” was started by a rogue lance unit.

Sword units have the highest turnover rate. But they also are held in the highest regard for their sacrifices. 3 of the 4 commanders are from sword units. Sword units tend to have very good rapport with members of the Luminous Order. There have been defections in the past to the Luminous Order.

Shield units tend to be made up of monks and clerics. Shield units tend to have the highest abandonment rate as the tenets of their faith do not always match with the goals and desires of the Golden Knights. Shield units can easily be disbanded with a gifted tongue of an agent of evil who points out the hipocracy of the Golden Knights. Because a shield unit’s desire to help heal the souls of others, they are vulnerable to clever speech.

Golden Knights

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