Luminous Order

A small force of good that is always willing to aid the communities of the valley while the Golden Knights are always taking the war to the outskirts, the luminous order focuses inward. The Shinning Citadel holds the Knights Luminous. The Citadel is considered a small town except for its exceptional weapons and armor. There is always a 3rd cleric of the outer flame of power at the Citadel at any one time.

The structure of the Luminous order is very military like. From top to bottom, Supreme Commander, generals, colonels, majors, captains, leutinents, and privates. The order always has room for freelance adventuring parties that acquire “signants” which is a ranking system outside the order. It allows these groups access to the benefits of the order without having “true” access to plans, etc. This allows those to operate without dealing with the “politics” of the order.

The order is always recruiting and is not picky about taking gifted, imbued, or skilled. The order has a regimental approach to promotions among its ranks that includes time in service, medals, and mission accomplished qualifiers.

The current Supreme Commander is Dalkus Thane. 3rd Paladin of the Inner Flame of Power. Follower of Umothemean. The supreme commander ONLY meets with his generals.

Luminous Order

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