*Valley of Obelisks : Loki’s Return

For 400 hundred years we have tried to banish the Eternal known as Loki the chaosbringer. 400 years ago The Lost Lords of Lights unknowingly foiled Loki’s plans to use the nightmare realm to consume our precious world. We, the Lost Lords of Light used the four Elven obelisks to create a pocket realm known as the valley of Obelisks to shunt out all undead and evil outsiders. Three of us have gone missing. I, High Elven Mage Amaril, am the only survivor. I have created the “Golden Knights” as a response to the growing threat of evil but fear has gripped the land with the disappearance of the Lords. To make matters worse the giants in the northwest have grown very aggressive. They have not forgotten how the Lords of Light took their treasure without bargaining. Talks of “pockets” opening in the wall have begun. Times are dark indeed. The world needs heroes again
- Archives of Amaril the HighMage, 3rd Wizard of the Inner Flame of Power

This campaign is based off the module/campaign The Shattered gates of Slaughtergarde.


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