Day 5-6 Lily's Secret

Lucas and Lily stay in Lukrimar keep to avoid the Dondurran area. Unknown to the party, Lily’s step brother Kamell Surrinak has been send by his father to retrieve Lily. Lily and Lucas settle down for the night to have their evening cut short by the arrival of Kamel Surrinak and the black medallion guards. After a heated debate between Kamell, Lily, and Lucas, a fight breaks out. Lily sets the barn on fire. Her tactic does not work as she and lucas are taken captive.

Kamell softens up a little as he takes his captives to the Surrinak Hunting lodge to await trial by the inquisitors of the Ebon Cabal. Lily senses her brother’s great depression with his new role as a hunter of men for his father. He apologizes for how he has treated them. His lawful nature clashes with Lily’s as they discuss the future though. Little does Kamell know Lily’s friends will be close behind.

In Donduran Zhu, Petros, and Kiteera take the spices back to the half empy/half full tavern. Hoping to receive a handsome payday, they are instead met by 8 black medallion guards. The fight is going against them from the get go when 2 townspeople jump into the fray to help them. The battle turns quickly and the 2 mysterious guests introduce themselves. The shopowner of the Quick Fix is a paladin of Artenthus that goes by the name of Sir Thomas Shoumate. Ulgar Strokeln is the local blacksmith and a wizard. Cade Cora tells the group that their friends have been captured and are being taken to the Surrinak Hunting Lodge to await trial by 2 inquisitorsof the Ebon Kabal.

At the hunting lodge Kamell finds guilt in the eventual death of Lucas. Just then a gigantic serpent bursts into the room. It slays two of the 4 black medallion guards and poisons everyone else accept Kamell. Kamell casts clerical gifts on the party slowing the poison but he’ll have to act fast if he wishes to save his step sister and Lucas.

The rest of the group arrives at the hunting lodge to find the finished melee. Zhu’s extradordinary gift of fast healing quickly revives her fallen comrades. Unbeknowst to the party Kamell has encountered Gosk the highwizard of the dwarves in the woods. Gosk gets Kamell to see the error of his ways. Kamell goes back to the party. The others are surprised when he tells them to hide.They decide to go into the Slaughtergarde Temple to escape the Ebon Cabal Inquisitors. Kamell makes Lucas promise he’ll watch over his sister. He then hugs Lily and says goodbye.

With that the group enters the slaughtergarde. The god Umothemean intervenes on the group’s behalf and creates a room where the group can rest and recover. The group enters the first room which has double copper doors on both the north and south and the east entrance is shaped like a demon mouth whoose eyes glow menacingly. Two drow recognize Kiteera and call her by name. Kiteera’s memories flood back to her as she realizes this is her birthplace. This horrible place is where the drow captured her as a faerie and tore her wings off, making her become a high elf. Her memories are still fragments though.

The drow quickly take the upper hand though as one arrow in the shin and another in the thigh, drops Kiteera. The party explodes into action. Lucas, Lily, and Petros hustle down the stairs. The leather ripping sound of Lucas’ composite bow being pulled quickly gets the attention of the drow as Lily pulls Kiteera up the stairs to Zhu who is waiting with clerical magic. As arrows fly, Petros manuevers through the chaos of bodies with weapon drawn. He engages the drow as Lucas drops the other one with a shot to the head.The seoond one was waitng for his overhead chop and draws Petros’ blade past his left shoulder. The sharp tip of the drows ornately carved longsword finds Petros’ soft ribs through his armor. After leaving Kiteera to be attended to by Zhu, Lily races down the stairwell hearing Petros’ pleas for help. With a cry of rage she blasts a bolt of eldritch fire lancing of the drow’s left shoulder. At the same time, 2 of Lucas’ arrows can’t find their mark. Petros slashes at the drow’s head hoping to end the battle but the drow ducks and opens up Petros’ belly. Petros’ posture buckles like an old man’s. Lily fires another eldritch blast missing in frustration and two more of Lucas’ arrows miss their mark. The drow raises his blade for a death kill and with a grunt looks surpised to find Petros’ posture has straightened and a blade is embeded in his heart.

The doors on the north and south have been barred so the party decides to carry forward. Zhu heals the wounded before doing so.”Wait” Petros says. The open room beyond the passage has made him nervous. He casts a dancing lights spell and a ghost sound of men walking. His trick works as his image passes the threshold, a full plate armored foe on the back of a riding lizard charges the image with a lance. Petros’ then trys to dazzle the rider with a flare spell and is unsuccessfull so he retreats back down the hallway into the room. Fearing his charge with the lance, the party throws their backs to walls of the original room. The armored figure casts a spell of darkness and shadowy illumination appears. Most of the party is blinded. Lily is not and blasts a bolt of eldritch fire wounding him. Then Petros uses the gift of shocking grasp and drops the rider.The group recovers and Zhu takes the rider’s full plate armor. Their story is put on hold here…...........

But above them in the sky about 100 feet from the top of the hunting lodge a wizard battle happens. “Masters of the outer circle?, I think not” says Gosk as he blasts the two wizards with a cone of cold almost killing one instantly. The wizards panic. “Improved Invisibility!!!!” A true master!”. The pair cast two fireballs side by side hoping to catch the highwizard. The sky lights up with a roar of anger as his singed form sihlouettes for a moment. Then the words of destruction begin “How dare you claim the titles of masters!! Ununce abrum oker ARAKUM!!!!!!!!!!!! A pair fully endowed scorhing rays incinerate the two wizards. Gosk lands to the ground in their ashes. “Go dark raven, may the gods protect your destiny”



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