Lucas' Recap

January 04, 2012

Kel’s Rise, My home, taken over by the undead I can not stand for it even though I was run out of there by my father I still think of it as my home. We destroyed the lich that was “in charge” there, only to have him return later. On the next excursion there we focused on the Night Twist, a most evil plant creature. When we arrived back at Kel’s Rise the tree was surrounded by a horde of zombies and skeletons, which Zhu, Azrael and I dispatched quickly. Lily, John, and Icabod focused on the tree and it was over within 30 seconds. At that time the lich stepped out to use his powerful gifts and was cut down as quickly. Inside the building the lich exited were the four vampires that had guarded the tree during the night when they could be out. They did not see me as I investigated the halls in the building until I made my way back to inform the rest of the group that the vampires were waiting for us inside. They were dispatched as quickly as the lich as I let them feel the full force of my hatred for them.
The Champions of the Oak, after successfully cleaning out Kel’s Rise agreed to take a month to gather information or take care of personal matters before regrouping in Freeport. During the month I learned that Nahmbrak had made a deal with a frost giant tribe in the Titania Foothills to teach them about a ritual called the “Obligotum Metamorphosis” in exchange for them building him a fortress in the center of the foothills.
When we meet back up I informed the group that Nahmbrak has allied himself with the frost giants of Titania Foothills and now has a new keep that is well guarded there. Lily confirms this by using one of mind powers to view the lich, which she kept a part of his body to make it easier. The lich was in the old stronghold in the south. Lily was able to confirm two of Nahmbrak’s generals were in this Stronghold, the Lich, and the Vampire. There is a third that has been described as inky blackness. It kind of sounds like what attacked me in the West Oakwood. …Was it really my father or was it just using his visage?
Also learned was that Nahmbrak’s generals were sending four advanced ghouls into Freeport to test the security and to attack Myra Silverleaf, who from what we gathered is a Magistrate in the Ebon Kabal. We set up a meeting with Myra to hopefully gain some info on her in exchange for the information about the ghouls. This meeting did not go as planned, but Myra confirmed that Nahmbrak had left the southern stronghold to his generals and was residing in the northern. Myra also mentioned the struggle between House Surrinak and House Carstellian. Wich led me to a thought about Kamell, Lily’s brother.
I asked Lily if she might be able to contact her brother as I thought he might have better information on the strengths of the frost giant force we might be facing. She went back into her trance and then she mouthed the name, “Umaothemean”. This had a strange effect as her body was lifted off the ground than slammed to the floor with an unseen force. Lily bounced to her feet immediately drawing weapons and in a strained voice asked who we were. She then recognized me and stated that I would be the only one she would talk to. We moved off to a different room to talk and I realized that I must be talking to Kamell Surrinak, Lily’s brother. I explained that Lily must have found him and when describing where we were inadvertently mentioned the Morning Lord’s name. Which in turn must have transferred his consciousness to her body and hers to his body. I then had him describe in detail to my floating companion the exact location he was in so we could go retrieve Lily.
Pop, I am standing on Obsidian Ridge and Lily in Kamell’s body latches onto me almost trembling. She asks where she is and I tell her on Obsidian Ridge. I tell her that when she uttered the Morning Lord’s name she and her brother switched bodies. I drew the scimitar off my back so she could see herself in the reflection. She gasped as the realization set in, then Kamell in Lily’s body teleports in. After a few minutes of discussion about why we were even looking for him, he decides this will be a good thing. With Lily’s talent at disguise she can hide the fact that it’s Kamell’s body and Kamell can keep Lily’s body safe with his expertise in the woods. They would figure out how to undo the switch at a later time.
Lily and I decided that she use the alias Robert for the time being. We could come up with other details at a later time. When we returned from Obsidian Ridge after saying our farewells to Kamell, I introduced Robert to the group and explained that Lily was in a different place and Robert was Lily.
At sometime while I was away with Kamell and Lily, Zhu managed to speak the name of the Morning Lord as well and a similar thing happened to her that happened to Lily. Someone named Lelandra was residing in Zhu’s body.
Our attention was drawn outside to and down the street towards Kennick’s Tavern and Inn. There was a commotion as people were rushing out of the inn. Lily, aka. Robert, stayed behind to disguise her/himself as we ran to investigate. When we arrived Myra was wiping her blade clean on a rag looking no worse for wear. As we questioned Myra about the fight the local Guard had already begun roping the area off and ushering people away from the scene. Petros began to question the guard captain as Azrael questioned Myra. Myra then suggested we accompany her to investigate the sewers and how the Ghouls made their way into the city. We decline to accompany her and head back to the Temple of Umothemean to discuss our next course of action. Which was to head to the southern stronghold and destroy the two generals residing there.



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