The serpent and the faerie (Day 16-20)

The group wakes up and decides it must try to explore more of Slaughtergarde. They travel to the southwest section of slaughtergarde to the weird patinings that magicaly came alive. A portal to the east revealed a library guarded by drow priesteses. After killing the drow, the group decided to travel back to Freeport. Marcus, Zhu, and Lily spent most of their time studying the hundreds of scrolls recovered from the slaughtergarde. Petros spent most of his time in the markets speaking with local blacksmiths. He also stopped by his parents’ house and met with his father.

The group travelled back to Slaughtergarde. They returned to the room expecting to see the wererats but they were gone. The group was about to set up formation to go into the other room when a small black dragon breathed acid on the group. The group rushed into the room and was about to finish off the black dragon when a broken faerie jumped in to attack as well. The broken faerie was Kiteera’s friend. Kiteera tried to talk her out of her mindless rage but was unable to so the group slew her.

The group is now standing in a very interesting and important room.



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