(Intermediate God)
The Temptress, Firelady, Lady of Pleasure

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: Passion, beauty, lust, love, fire

Domains: Chaos, Fire, Charm, Good

Favored Weapon: Dagger

The temples of Amara are wonderous creations of beauty. Always trying to outdo other temples in their grandeur. Clerics espouse following one’s heart. Allowing passion to fill the heart so that truth can be found. Declaring one’s love for another is a much bigger ceremony than a wedding. The church has always seen very tumultous times as they always seem to be in the middle of scandall. Their inability to follow strict laws has always been a problem.

The largest temple to Amara is in Riverbend.

A small cult calling themselves “The unabashed” are known as a darker side of the religion of Amara. This group is the “offspring” of a long term relationship between the goddess and Troktori. The unabashed are nudists and believe in giving into desire whenever possible. Lust is the primary driver. The group has also been known to traffic information.


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