(Lesser God)
Baron of Blood, The Silent Death, The Murder Lord

Symbol: Mace Head with Red Blood oozing out from underneath it

Alignment: CE

Portfolio: Contempt, Bloodshed, Brutality, Murder, Evil Stalking humanoids, Shadows

Domains: Death, Evil, Darkness, Hatred, Retribution,

Favored Weapon: Light Mace

Dogma: Feed my darkness with the souls of the weak. Pay my tithe in blood.

Followers: Their are two general types of followers of Arbok. Those the venerate him out of fear and those venerate him out of admiration. Those who fear arbok usualy will kill a white dove and leave it by their windowsill at night. His true followers pay their homage by the murder of the weak. Assasins and rogues make up most of his followers.

Churches: The giants to the northwest, the drow, kobolds, and goblins have shrines dedicated to this dark God. There are rumors that a full church to this God of pure evil exists somewhere beneath the streets of Freeport.

Relations: Arbok is a servant of Foster. His rise into Godhood happened because of Foster. Foster shares the portfolios of death and evil with Arbok.Arbok’splans are unknown to most of the pantheon. Because of this relationship, followers of Arbok are treated like sons of darkness in shrines to Foster. This unusual relationship is incredibly perplexing to followers of good dieties.


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