(Greater God) All Father, The Just God, Peasant King

Symbol: Blazing white fist against a blue moutain

Alignment: LG

Portfolio: Chivalry, Protection, Justice, Loyalty, Family

Domains: War, Protection, Strength, Community Domain

Favored Weapon: Longsword

Artenthus is a stern, righteous, and unyielding enemy of evil. The God of Chivalry can always been seen supporting monarchs of good who bring peace and stability to a region. He is also the first to watch a monarchy fall when the ruler is evil and doesn’t hold himself accountable to his own laws. The church of Artenthus welcomes all good alignments and lawful neutral alignments but its best followers are those that stick to the adherence of law and good. The clerics are charged with protecting small villages that are trying to thrive. Its Paladins, which are very famous, take the fight to evil. Most Paladins of Artenthus are part of the Luminous Order or the Golden Knights as both organizations have agendas in common with the God Artenthus. Artenthus’ clerics pray for their spells at noon.

Funerals are solemn and serious. The cermonies are usualy held indoors at the local church. The body of the deceased in visible for all to see and the cleric recounts the life and goodness the deceased brought to the world. A female family member spreads white flowers at the feet while a male family member spreads black flowers at the head. The body is then taken a gravesite. The closet relative removes the strings binding the head to the body so that the deceased can pass on to the next world.

Marriages are held at the local government office. The cleric of Artenthus smacks the shoulders of the betrothed with whipper will branches. Then splashes water from a local stream. Community members form a circle around them then ask them to join their community as husband and wife.

Recently a large group of almost a 25 Paladins of Artenthus was seen marching towards the Shining Citadel. The Gods seem to turning in the heavans.


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