(Intermidiate God) Lord of the Forge, Father Tempest, God of Dwarves

Symbol: A Black anvil with a red hammer striking it with blue bolts of electricity flying off

Alignment: CG

Portoflio: Strength, Craftwork, Thunder, Sacrifice, Dwarves

Domains: Cavern, Strength, Craft, Dwarf, Storm

Favored Weapon: Maul

Dwarves venerate this God above all others. Clerics of Brakus are recruited from the greatest blacksmiths the realm can find. Temples of Brakus on the surface are immense structures of fire and steel. Looking very similar to the God of Order, Strokus. Brakus and Strokus are brothers and two of the oldest Gods along with Umothemean. Brakus’ obsession led him to work for millenia until his frame changed. Umothemean gave him the ability to create a new race from his forge. The first dwarves could not breed and had to create their brethren from stone. They were known as the stonekissed. As with all races though, the Goddess Amara created lust and gave the ability for the stonekissed to create a lesser race of dwarves. Which are found throughout the valley. The Stonekissed dwarves are very rare if ever encountered.

Brakus relationship with Strokus is very strained. Brakus involvement with the mortals is very chaotic and unpredictable. He believes that order stifles creativity. He believes that passion should be the wind in a dwarf’s sails. Reason is the ocean. Purpose is the boat.

Two clerics of Brakus were sent by the order to Freeport to speak with Durrick the bladesmith.


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