(Intermediate God)
He who decays, Lord of Flies, Swamplord

Symbol: Black Liquid with islands of green mold

Alignment: NE

Portfolio: pestilence, swamps, rot, bad odor, reptiles

Domains: Earth, plant, scalkind, slime, suffering, Pestilence

Favored Weapon: club

Dogma: Rot the world away. It’s dry purity is an abomination to the ultimate race of dragons and serpents.

Followers: Chromosh’s followers are anything but aligned together. It is seperated into many “cults”. Once an organization seems to have stability, it begins to decay and rot from within, aligning with the God’s Portfolio.

Churches: One well known cult that seems to spring up from time to time are the Serpents of Dissolution. Of all the organizations that have failed, the Serpents seem to have some consistency. Making them dangerous. The plague was a result of the Serpents. The serpents of dissolution seek the Grail of Shangralar. Their cult seeks to obtain this item to bring about the second dragon age. The second dragon age was fortold by a powerful cleric of Chromosh centuries ago. It is said that the skies will once again be filled with the flight of dragons.

Chromosh is the brother of Govenah. It is said that aeons ago both gods were gods of light. They were both revered by the other gods as the leaders. They become vain and drunk with their own power. Believing themselves invincible, the two brothers faced Loki’s eternal form. Chromosh was punished severly and suffers endless torment as his mind and body were dealt unspeakable horrors. The only way this God can end his torment, is if Loki wins and the world is annihilated



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