Crow the Undaunted

(Intermediate God) The Driven, The Fierce Spirit, Father of the Fistfight

Symbol: Greatsword wreathed in fire stabbed into the top of a keg of ale

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: War, chaos, bravado, drinking

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War,

Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Crow was a mortal that became a God 1,000 years ago at the same time as Foster. No one seems to know the details of either’s ascension. Crow’s not a favorite of any of the Gods with the exception of Troktori who loves to challenge Crow to just about any competetion.

Crow’s clerics tend to wear fire red robes with yellow trim and the holy symbol large on their chest or shield. Their temples are feasthalls. Crow’s clerics are always found at the front line of the fight against evil and always looking for glory to bring back to the feasthall to brag about. Acolytes must prove themsleves with strength as well as wisdom.

Funerals are done with joy, dancing, and drinking as the deceased burns on a giant wood pyre with a greatsword stabbed through the top of a keg of ale thrown on top of the fire. Death is a celebration as the deceased goes to the happy hunting grounds for eternal glory. Most of the participants of the funeral wake up drunk the next morning

Crow the Undaunted

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