(Intermediate God)
Joy Bringer, Prince of the Skies, The Sweet Song, The God of the Elves

Symbol: Gold Harp Underneath a White Cloud raining down Gold pieces

Alignment: NG

Portfolio: Sky, Freedom, Music, Good Fortune, Elves, Fey

Domains: Elf, Luck, Travel, Air

Favored Weapon: Rapier

God of the elves and faeiries. Dorzarri’s influence can be seen in any elven village. Dorzarri granted the Fearie court the ability to become mortal. A relatively new God. Dorzarri joined the pantheon when the first faerie becoame an elf. His power then extended from the faerie realm into the mortal realm.

Clerics of Dorzaari wear very loose clothing. The chapels and temples have large windows that allow air to flow freely throughout. The chapels are often filled with amazing music.

Dorzarri recently has become the lover of Amara. It is not uncommon to see both Gods venerated in the chapels as their clerics are well aware of their relationship.


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