Etok Entrari

(Greater God)
The patient Lord, Master of the Sea

Symbol: A balance scale over a calm ocean

Alignment: N

Portfolio: Sea, Patience, Weight, Winds, Balance

Domains: Air, Fate, Ocean, Time, Travel

Favored Weapons: Trident

Since the creation of the barrier, this God’s following has diminished significantly. HIs most significant followers have been The Fists of Fate. A group of monk clerics that focus more on the other aspects of Etok Entrari’s aspects. Patience, Balance, weight, and the winds. He and followers of Taylel sometimes share prayers together. Although Taylel’s monks are about fighting evil. The fists of fate are more introspective and watchful. They are very concerned with the balance of the world.

Most recently dozens of fists of fate have joined the luminous order, Golden Knights, and adventuring parties which is very bad news. That means the balance has shifted that dramticaly.

Etok Entrari

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