(Greater God)
Lord of Death, Lichking, The Way

Symbol: A Black disk with a red burning flame in the center

Alignment: NE

Portfolio: Death, Evil, Dark Magic, Undead

Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell, Undeath

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Mystery surrounds this god. Foster was a mortal 1,000 ago. His rise to Godhood was acheived through the help of the Goddess of Magic, Sacrifice, and Love, Rhynon. The archives of how or why this happened were lost with the new destruction of the world. He does not ally himself with any other God and all other religions are treated the same.

The order has changed in the last decade. Once a group of cultist that practiced private study and kept a very neutral approach, this relgion has come out in the open and speaks out in the streets, makes negotiations, and is looking to expand its influence. A complete turn from the last 390 years. This new age philosophy has worried the other religions. Especialy, clerics of Govenah.

Clerics wear purple and burgundy. The acolytes wear plain black. Services are held at midnight. Red candles with the burning of cinnamon are a standard tradition. Acolytes live in a well shaped hole during the first 60 days of the initiation. Only the most aggressive and power hungry make it as a cleric. Fighting amongst the ranks is common as each memeber looks to rise up in power.


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