(Greater God)
The False prophet, Prince of Lies

Symbol: A rising sun over a oceanfront village

Alignment: LE

Portfolio: corruption, politics, adultry, lies, Ocean

Domains: Charm, Family, Law, Mentalism, Nobility, Ocean, Planning, Trickery

Favored Weapon: Light Crossbow

Dogma: We are misunderstood by those of lesser minds. Teach them that we bring peace as calm as the ocean. We seek order and unity. Our methods are for the greater good. The only family is the complete family. Marriage of one couple is selfish and unrealistic.

Followers: Follower’s of Govenah tend to be those that cannot see their own evil. All of their actions are justified. What starts out as one simple not so bad act is the path of when Govenah’s corruption settles in.

Churches: Before the barrier most of Govenah’s churches were created near the ocean. Now they are near the Marillach River. They are beautiful blue churches. Most sermons preach the gospel of family, unity, and the cleansing power of Govenah. There is a small church in Sekletir and the largest church is in Stumpflat.


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