(Intermediate God)
The Sly wink, He who is not there

Symbol: A shimmering white shadow against a black background

Alignment: NE

Portfolio: Storms,Trickery, Shadows, Illusions

Domains: Trickery, Darkness, Illusion, Storms

Favored Weapon: Nunchaku

Dogma: Let our enemies see many faces. Let them destroy each other while we watch from the shadows.

Followers: Rogues tend to venerate Hommasis. This diety is perfect for the cowards or the selfish. Many who feel powerless fall into his web of lies. Most followers of Homassis appear as clerics of another order. The greatest spies in history were clerics of Hommasis. This diety probably has his claws imbedded into a few nobles or merchants in each house.

Churches: They always appear as something else. Taverns, Inns, or bakeries. It is considered a great failure when a church is discovered for what it is. The member responsible is usualy sacrificed to the dark god. There is a church in Andrushel, currently. Some of the darkest secrets can be gleaned there for a price.


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