Seben Cry

!Seben Cry!

(Lesser God)
Lord of Harvests

Symbol: Field of growing corn over a moonlit night

Alignment: NG

Portfolio: Moon, Redemption, Harvests, compassion

Domains: Earth, Plant, Moon, Renewal,

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Two chapters of this God make up the churches of Seben Cry. The Preservationsists as they are called are all about their own community. They are not fond of others and look inward towards their own community for preservation. Very distrustful. They focus on the aspects of the Moon and the Harvests. Only venerating the aspects of compassion and redemption on members of “The Garden” as they call their community.

The other chapter is known as the Tears of the Dove. They are very focused and active on a large scale as they look to convert or redeem those that have fallen under the sway of evil. The Preservationists call them Fools of the Dove. History has had many Doves that have failed, been corrupted, simply killed, or became Preservationsists out of bitter disappointment.

Realtionships: Members of the Tears of the Dove and the Paladins of Artenthus do not get along. Tears of the Dove are usualy amazing diplomats. Seben Cry is also seen as the son of Umothemean and Seben Cry’s followers are always welcomed and treated well in Umothemean’s temples. Not shortly after the ascension and special relationship between Umothemean and Seben Cry, Foster brought about his own dark son, Arbok.

Seben Cry

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