An Assasin guilde based out of Freeport. This guilde was established a century ago by Major Ransin Drawl of the Golden Knights. Ransin Drawl was a 5th Beguiler of the outer circle and leader of a lance group within the Golden Knights. He was infected during a mission by wererat lyncanthropy. The disease spread and changed his view of the world. He then infected everyone in his group and the group deserted the Golden Knights. Lance groups were sent by the Golden Knights to destroy Ransin Drawl and his group. Ransin Drawl had made allies with the Ebon Cabal and was prepared for the eventual attempts on his life. Eventualy the Knights wrote him off as a loss and decided any further loss of resources was not worth the effort since Drawl was moving into private work.

It is believed that Ransin’s former arrow group that he worked hand and hand with was feeding him information and was “re-assigned”. Most believe that the connection was never fully broken, and that both still work together.

The Stilletos have grown over the last century and were very instrumental in the rise of the Carstellans. Although public approach on this subject is met with fierce retribution from House Carstellan. Most dealings have been “magicaly” erased in both the literal and figurative sense.
Unlike most assasination groups of the past, the Stilletos do not leave calling cards or take credit for kills. They do not delve into the business of fear. Their clientell is said to be small and private. Their track record is unknown as well as their methodoligies and philosophies because of their use of discretion.

The Luminous Order once made a move against Freeport decades ago when one of their own was believed to have been killed by the Stilletos. But Freeport stood its ground and the Stilletos are still active, most believe.


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